xp home and xp media centre

  Red dog 15:56 07 Jul 2007

i am hoping to buy a new computer and in non vista form i can have xp media centre or xp proffessional. can anyone tell me the difference between xp home and xp media centre, apart from the media side of it please? i have agood printer and scanner so i am shying away from vista asi also have some old programmes which maynot work.

  Quiet Life 16:09 07 Jul 2007

The difference between Home and Media Centre is purely the media part. Media Centre was designed to be part of a home entertainment system for a computer with TV card etc.

  Diemmess 16:23 07 Jul 2007

This is a comparison of the different versions including some you won't want.
click here

  Red dog 16:36 07 Jul 2007

Thankyou Quiet Life and Diemmess your information is invaluable. It looks like the cheaper xp media centre will do for me, I can ignore the media bit

  [email protected] 16:47 07 Jul 2007

is there any reason why your not given the choice of xp home?

  Red dog 23:13 07 Jul 2007

THE RAVEN In answer to your query Dell only seems to offer the two choices on the model I am interedsted in.

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