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  GroupFC 16:12 09 Mar 2003

I am a new and relatively inexperienced computer user.

I have XP home with a CDRW drive (40 x 12 x 48), which appears to work fine when reading CDs. However, when I try to write files to a CD, using the CD wizard, I get a message that “the disc in the drive is not a writable CD or it is full. Please insert a blank writable CD into drive F:\, etc…….”

The problem is that I know the disc is writable and is not full! especially as I have used Nero to write the files to the CD, when I experienced this problem!

Can anybody offer any advise/help as how to cure this problem, as I have used the XP CD writing wizard at work without any problems and it would be ideal for what I need to do.

  thms 16:27 09 Mar 2003

Try going to My Computer, right click on cdrw drive, select properties,recording and make sure that the box is checked to enable cd recording on this device.

Also what kind of media are you using. Some cdrw do not recognise certain types of disc.
Try it with a blank disc from your work.

  GroupFC 16:57 09 Mar 2003

Thanks for that.

I have checked the properties and the box is checked. The cdrw discs actually came from work!!! (I know - naughty!), and I have tried two different brands of discs.

Would the writing speed set in properties have anything to do with this problem? (although I have tried different settings - without success).

Also what I don't understand if I could write to the disc using Nero why can't I using the XP wizard?

Any more suggestions?


  toxin 17:04 09 Mar 2003

Did Nero close the disc?

If so, you cannot add any more files to it.

  thms 17:07 09 Mar 2003


I seem to have the opposite problem I can use xp recording no problem but nero freezes on me unless I disable dma settings.
I have not tried using cdrw discs but find that it works ok with cd-r.

Have you checked microsoft knowledge base for similar problems. Sorry can't be of more help.

  GroupFC 17:13 09 Mar 2003

Toxin, I am not trying to write to the disc created using Nero. I am trying to write to a new blank disc using the XP cd writing wizard.

thms thanks, I suppose the microsoft knowledge base will have to be the next port of call, but I really find it quite difficult to find answers and then understand them!

  GroupFC 17:25 09 Mar 2003

Anybody have any other suggestions?

  thms 19:02 09 Mar 2003

Had a look at the knowledge base and the error you are getting loks like a corrupt driver.
click here;en-us;324129#5
If so I wonder why it works in nero. If you look through the faults on the site you may see something else more obvious.

  thms 19:10 09 Mar 2003

Well that link didn't take you where you want to be. Open link and type in xp recording in the 2nd box down.On the next page click on top answer. How to troubleshoot cd-r cd-rw.
Click on the hardware compatability problem.
Is this the error you are getting?

  Aggers 20:20 09 Mar 2003

I had a similar problem. I use the Roxio Create CD50 on Windows XP. The problem was resolved (I think), by selecting the 'Disc-At-Once' /Allow another recording check box. I then set this at default. The options are found in the bottom half of the Roxio recording menu. If you are not using Roxio, there may be similar options in the system you are using. All seems to revolve around 'Finalize Session, Don't Finalize Session/CD etc.
Hope this helps

  GroupFC 20:38 09 Mar 2003

Thanks for the advice and the link. I agree that it does seem that it is likely to be a corrupt driver.

I have followed the advice on the MS page to uninstall and re-install the driver but still have the same problem!

I am now getting into the realms of the unknown being totally inexperienced in all things to do with computers. The machine is only a few months old so I suppose I could always try Multivisions Tech support (heaven help me!).

If anyone else reads this and thinks they can offer some advice, please feel free!!

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