XP Home shuts down in middle of DVD burn.

  Ive 13:32 31 Jul 2004

XP keeps shutting down in the middle of burning DVD.When the system restarts it creates error report to send to microsoft which I do but it comes back saying it happened because of a driver problems but I cannot find any conflicts.Anyone any ideas on how to rectify this problem.

  Ive 14:03 31 Jul 2004

is there anybody that can help

  stalion 14:07 31 Jul 2004

try removeing your dvd burner in device manager.Reboot and let windows re-install it

  Ive 14:09 31 Jul 2004

The only thing I have done recently is install a new dvd rom combo as my master drive because the old one failed.It uses the same driver as my dvd burner, could this be the problem.

  Stuartli 14:14 31 Jul 2004

You could try, as advised, to Remove the rewriter and then let Windows Find New Hardware and install the basic Windows CDROM driver.

However, do you have any power saving management or s screensaver enabled?

This could be cutting in if you are taking some time to burn a disk.

Try moving the mouse slightly every 10 minutes or so until the burn is completed (i.e. in between your power management settings).

  stalion 14:15 31 Jul 2004

you could have a conflict but it should show up in device manager.Try disconnecting your new combo drive and burning then you will know if it is causing the problem

  flying grouse 14:16 31 Jul 2004

what burning software are you using and which version..............

  Ive 14:24 31 Jul 2004

Flying grouse. I use Intervideo DVD copy.

  flying grouse 15:00 31 Jul 2004

there is this fix @ Microsoft click here hope this is of some help.............

  Chegs ® 15:22 31 Jul 2004

You could pop over and find a similar fix for me? :-)

Although not an identical problem(different software)it DOES relate to DVD's.My system keeps crashing during the rendering and I get the "Windows has recovered from a serious error" report going to M$ and according to M$ it was a device driver.I am using TMPGenC to render a video file,it has rendered several Gbs of video prior to this particular one without a hitch.I am just about to retransfer the video onto the PC,to eliminate any chance that this is the problem(although,when I transfered it 1st time,it seems to have completely missed a few seconds from where Dixons shop staff switched the camera onto record when I took the camera in with a fault)

Ive.Are you certain its not heat related,burning can be a load on the system.It could also be a resource issue/RAM problem.The RAM can check out as fine(with a RAM tester app)but under sustained load,the OS is struggling with the burning app for resources(RAM)

  flying grouse 15:44 31 Jul 2004

Chegs Can't seem to see anything relating to your problem @ microsoft but I did come across a DVD help forum with a post in the archive click here

give it a try.........flying grouse!

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