XP Home repair

  pjwheeldon 14:05 12 Oct 2006

I have had a few minor glitches creeping in, and have run repair to see if there is anything which it can do. When running it asks me to insert the XP installation disc, even though it is already in the drive. Once I click retry it carries on and the status bar moves on. This happens about a dozen times during the scan. Once it reaches the end it just closes down without any message, and I am left with the cmd.exe screen. 2 questions. Is it normal for it to keep asking for the disk, and as it does not seem to do anything, is this lack of information an indication it could not find anything?
Thanks for any help/advice.

  birdface 14:24 12 Oct 2006

Hi pjwheeldon.Take it you went to .Start. Run. And typed in sfc /scannow, And then put the disc in when asked for it,If you wait till it finishes and nothing comes up, It usually means it's Ok, Small gap after the sfc.

  birdface 14:26 12 Oct 2006

I'm .Sure someone will be along shortly to help you out, That was just some of the information I got when having problem's

  pjwheeldon 14:28 12 Oct 2006

Thanks for the response.
Rather than type it into run, i typed cmd.exe, and then typed in sfc /scannow. Does this make any difference?

  Jackcoms 14:47 12 Oct 2006

"Does this make any difference?"


  Jackcoms 14:50 12 Oct 2006

This may help click here

  Noldi 14:57 12 Oct 2006

have you try changing the BIOS to boot from CD-Rom and then restart your Computer with the windows disk in the CD drive.

(Press F1 on up to acess BIOS but this does change depending on type of motherboard)

click here


  Noldi 14:59 12 Oct 2006

Sorry should read press F1 on START up

  Spark6 15:00 12 Oct 2006

When I first read pjwheeldon's post I was under the impression he was performing a 'repair', ie booting from the XP disc, and not a scannow. Is there a difference, and if so, what is it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:12 12 Oct 2006

Scannow searches for and relaces what it thinks is corrupt files.

Repair replaces all files, except those required to access your favourites etc.

  mosfet 18:22 12 Oct 2006

I have had this if the CD is not in the same drive that xp was installed with,in my case the rom instead of the writer.The path was wrong.

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