xp home reg. key

  radi8or 06:27 21 Mar 2004

Hi all,

I have xp home (upgrade disc) on my machine the last time I used it to do a clean install got a pop-up saying I had to contact Msoft to get a new key as I had used the amount of times the original could be used.

Got a new number, no problem, what happens next time I need the key, is it valid for x amount of uses or do I have to keep ringing Msoft for a new key

Regards Bob

  powerless 06:52 21 Mar 2004

It's valid for X uses.

Easiest way is to use an imaging program, after XP is installed and activated take an image.

Forget re-installing XP, restore the image [in less time that it would take to install XP].

  radi8or 07:16 21 Mar 2004

Mornin' Powerless

Thanks for response, by imaging program do you mean maybe P/Quest Drive Image, if so by coincidence I have just bought a copy on Friday
haven't got around to looking at it yet,

work, taking wife shopping, let cat in, taking dog out.

Anyhoo do you take an image just of operating sys. without any progs. or after loading up.

Regards Bob

  TommyRed 10:49 21 Mar 2004

On my XP I've taken an image of everything on, most programs but no docs etc. I have a restore image to factory settings instead of XP disc. Should really take an image now 6 months on. TR

  radi8or 12:14 21 Mar 2004


Sorry for delay getting back had to pop out, do you run Drive Image or some other prog ?

The thing that really hacks me off is having to e-mail some companies just to reinstall a prog.

Ad-aware is one of the worst, want to know the ins & outs before giving you a link even tho you have a reg key.

Do image progs save you having to re-download
everything. Excuse daft question but not used one before hence using reg key allocation

Regards Bob

  Mikè 12:41 21 Mar 2004

Yes if you take an image of system drive (I use Norton Ghost) and it is kept on a seperate physical drive, if restored this will reinstate my C: drive completely to a prior state. Just to make it clear you could format C: and then reload everything from the image.

  radi8or 13:03 21 Mar 2004

Cheers Mikè,

Thanks for explanation, have a spare 40gig with ME on it, not really used much looks a candidate for formatting and using for storage etc.

Thanks again

Regards Bob

  TommyRed 13:25 21 Mar 2004

Sorry, had to make lunch. Mothers Day and all that. I have Acronis True Image 6.0 the paid for version. I checked out Norton Ghost and DriveImage and reckoned this was better for my limited knowledge, must admit I've not been disappointed. Only had to use the Image once and at least I know it works, tend to use 'system restore' a lot though. This can fail occassionally so I've read on the forum. Got it for my previous PC which was 98SE, second hand and came with no discs. HTH TR

  radi8or 13:40 21 Mar 2004


No need to apologise in the same position.

Your scaring me now, my knowledge is even more limited, read things about Norton sometimes being
incompatible so went for Drive Image, still bought it now so just have to do some homework and hope I can get access to you guys when the wheels fall off :-))

Enjoy your lunch.

Regards Bob

  TommyRed 21:50 21 Mar 2004

Do a Google search for tutorials so you know inside out how it works, print it out so you have a hard copy. There wasn't much between DriveImage and True Image in my mind, though Norton Ghost was out of the running early doors. Persevered(sp) with it and got there eventually, wouldn't be without it now after having to go through a re-install of 98 SE from someone who professed to know what to do. Never was the same. HTH TR

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