xp home re-install on sata partition

  dirtyh 20:56 18 Jul 2005

hi all
problem i have is when i try to do a clean install with xp home i load the sata drivers get to the part where you choose which drive to install format,then it only shows two drives c & d but i have 2 partitions on each drive and wish to install on c

if i did this i would lose all info on d drive.

why is it not showing 4 drives (4 seperate partitions). i could copy all d drive to a spare h/drive if need be then partition as normal and copy it back but only as a last resort

Drive A:
Description 3 1/2 Inch Floppy Drive

Drive C:
Description Local Fixed Disk
Compressed No
File System NTFS
Size 39.06 GB (41,940,668,416 bytes)
Free Space 13.21 GB (14,188,564,480 bytes)
Volume Name
Volume Serial Number 2CB7F815

Drive D:
Description Local Fixed Disk
Compressed No
File System NTFS
Size 48.83 GB (52,427,898,880 bytes)
Free Space 18.36 GB (19,711,332,352 bytes)
Volume Name programs-apps
Volume Serial Number 08CB9517

Drive E:
Description Local Fixed Disk
Compressed No
File System NTFS
Size 72.72 GB (78,082,547,712 bytes)
Free Space 24.21 GB (25,993,863,168 bytes)
Volume Name music
Volume Serial Number 18844B3F

Drive F:
Description Local Fixed Disk
Compressed No
File System NTFS
Size 62.95 GB (67,595,317,248 bytes)
Free Space 17.96 GB (19,285,073,920 bytes)
Volume Name films
Volume Serial Number 38B5223B

Drive G:
Description CD-ROM Disc

Drive I:
Description CD-ROM Disc

Drive J:
Description CD-ROM Disc

i think partitions c e are disk one and d f disk 2

any help appreciated.

  Danoh 23:55 18 Jul 2005

Difficult to follow what the exact steps you have taken are. If you have only loaded the SATA drivers and not reformated with XP, then you will see all 4 HDD partitions.

Can you list what is on the drives C & D you can see now?

If you have gone ahead and formated using XP but before you have installed XP itself, then you might very well have wiped out your C: and E: partitions on the 1st HDD. For you not to be able to see the other 2 partitions on the 2nd HDD, would imply that you could also have formatted that HDD as well.

But this is all conjecture without you providing more details of what you have done so far.

  dirtyh 00:49 19 Jul 2005

hello Danoh i havent done anything yet i decided to leave it alone until its safe.
When i go through the process and get to the point of format after loading the sata drivers it only recognizes two 114g/byte drives not showing any partitions.
boot drive is c&e storage is drive d&f.

all theese show up in my computer and system info and are working correctly,apart from c needs a reformat as its getting slugish.

c drive is xp home
d is programs i need
e is stored mp3,s
f is torrents films etc

do you think it could be the sata drivers being old or should i try different sata drivers the one's i use are silicon ??? forgot the exact mame
silicon image i think.
thz for looking.

  Danoh 09:34 19 Jul 2005

Ok, from memory as I've only done a SATA installation once, you have not run the XP setup.exe yet. When you do, the 4 partitions should show up and you can delete partition C: only, recreate and reformat it only, set it as the system partition and install XP on it.

However, your other programs one E: might have to be reinstalled as the new registry on C: would not know about them.

Help needed from others more familiar with SATA XP installation (as I'm doing my postings purely from memory!).

  Danoh 09:38 19 Jul 2005

Sorry, that should be drive D: with programs on it ~ have you also got that as a system partition?

Your SATA drivers should match your Motherboard and although its useful to have more uptodate ones, the originals should not cause any problems. Have you done an XP clean install before, SATA or non-SATA?

  dirtyh 10:59 19 Jul 2005

Yes i have done a clean install before but not with sata partitioned drives.
When i access the xp setup it only shows the drives not the partitions,so i think it will wipe all info on the disk and lose my Edrive.

the problem must lie with the sata drivers not recognizing the partitions i think.

thanks so far danoh

  vinnyT 12:13 19 Jul 2005

The down & dirty way would be to disconnect the 2nd HD from the sata connection, then the only drive it would see is the 1 you wish to install to.

When you've done this, reconnect the other drive.

Of course I may have totally misread what you are trying to do, in that case, ignore me.

Hope this helps.

  Danoh 15:07 19 Jul 2005

When I'd booted from my XP CD, then F6 to install my SATA drivers from a floppy, I could see all partitions. If I did not have the right SATA drivers, I could not even see the hard disk itself, never mind the partitions, so I'm puzzled. Where did you get your SATA drivers from?

While waiting for others to spot your thread, I'd noticed that your drive C: is rather full. Have you run Disk Clean up including the More Options' Clean up of old Restore Points? Including all temp files and folders (*.tmp,*.chk,~*.* )? That may give your current installation more breathing room and run less sluggishly while we wait. (this post intended to bump your posting up the listing as well :-)

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