xp home to pro ugrade problems. serves me right???

  Mezzo 16:19 14 Aug 2003

I fully expect to be berated for what I've just done to my pc. As you'll see, I am both clueless and plain stupid!..........

I was running XP homes which came with my Dell PC. I borrowed mates XP Pro disk to upgrade and have had problems ever since. Suffice to say I cant download Service Pack 1. And I had major issues getting the Internet Connection Wizard to work as the Remote Access Connection Manager Service would not load. Sorted that out with regedit.

Anyway, does anyone know how I can reverse this upgrade (it was a full version of XP Pro disk that i used btw)? I tried to reinstall XP Home but gave up and now when I boot up i get the choice to run xp pro or xp home set-up!

i havent lost any data. im just wondering if i can delete the XP Pro OS and reinstall XP Home?

serves me right for being too tight to get an xp pro upgrade disk from pc world i guess (although theyre a bit expensive when youre on the dole!).

any help gratefully received, thanks.

  hugh-265156 16:44 14 Aug 2003

as far as i know this wont work as when it comes to activate the xp pro,your friend already has it installed on their system.

you will need to format the drive and then reinstall xp home.

  alcudia 16:56 14 Aug 2003

As huggyg71 says, your only option is to reformat and reinstall XP Home. You cannot use any XP disc that has been used on another machine. Microsoft will pick this up and you may be accused of attempted piracy. Don't do it.
If you need help with reformating please post.

  Mezzo 17:14 14 Aug 2003

thanks guys/gals. so is it safe to leave it as it is for now and run xp pro without service pack 1? ive just downloaded 34mb of security updates etc which appear to have worked!

i think i'll reformat and reinstall when i buy an xp pro upgrade disc and office xp - will need some serious help then!

First off, did your dell come with a restore disk? If so, run that and all should be back to normal.

Secondly, I am not advocating what you have done in any way, BUT, you can continue to upgrade your PC using your friends disk. Try a complete reformat and reinstallation of XP pro, install service pack 1 (it does sometimes cause problems but should go on) and then download all the necessary updates.

You will then have 30 days in which to register or activate the product and when you do so, you will find that it will not allow you to. This is because your friend has installed it on his machine and as stated above, Microsoft will pick it up. However, you are given the opportunity to enter another product activation code such as the one you will get on the new (and legitamate) XP pro disk you ARE going to BUY!!!

XP will then activate and you will have a totally legit and smooth running pc.

  Mezzo 20:19 24 Aug 2003

Yeah, it came with all the restore disks on the planet, including a windows xp home edition one.

before i do that though, will i still be able to install sp1 as ive already used the disk (ie was installed on my dell before i messed about with xp pro)???? hmmmmm, does that sentence make any sense at all?

  hugh-265156 22:27 24 Aug 2003

you will need to install service pk1 again after reinstalling xp.

  Mezzo 22:32 24 Aug 2003

yeah i thought that may be the case.

but, i have already installed sp1 for my legit xp home once. if it try it again will microsoft let me do this, as itll be the 2nd time the same xp home 'key' has attemped to download sp1 ie looks like piracy?

  hugh-265156 23:43 24 Aug 2003

if you have a full legal copy of xp home and product key and only intend to install this on one computer only, then you can reinstall xp and download service pk1 as many times as you want.

  Mezzo 23:59 24 Aug 2003

cheers huggyg71

  Djohn 03:18 25 Aug 2003

Just a note of caution. If you had problems with the Full XP Pro. then you may still have the same problem with an up-grade disk as they are identical! The only difference to the up-grade version is. (1) the price. (2) the need for a qualifying O/S for upgrade, and (3) the product key is different. Regards. j.

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