XP HOME Playing up

  pep's 18:54 09 Apr 2004

Cannot open Control Panel, My Computer,Search ,Recycle Bin.
Have tried System Recovery but it states that there is no partition so cannot continue,the system is preloaded so I do not have a system rom.
Used in safe mode,with only pats operating but can go into control panel,but when I reboot we are back to the same old problem, any ways round this????

  Djohn 19:08 09 Apr 2004

Hi pep's. You say the O/S is pre-loaded on your machine. Have you got a CD or floppy to access the hidden partition on your hard drive and allow you to restore to factory condition or repair the existing install?

Is the PC from one of the larger suppliers or built by a local shop? If the former then there should be a restore or recovery disk, if the latter then maybe the O/S was installed for you but should have the full XP Home CD supplied with it. Can you please confirm which of the above. j.

  Djohn 11:58 10 Apr 2004

But it's always better to reply back to your thread so that many people can see what we have tried and offer further advice. Regards. j.

Received via mail.


This a hp 760 from Staples,it came preloaded,no CD for restore activation, it did have a Application & Support CD bu no info on its use. AMD 1900 With 512 RAM. [End]


Staples is an excellent company to purchase from and I'm sure there will be a restore CD somewhere in the package. It may well be the "Support and application CD" that you mention.

The first thing to do is make sure you have a back-up of any personal folders/files/documents that you have made over the period of time you've had the PC. You can copy these to a CD or floppies if there are not too many.

Now insert the supplied CD and it should auto-run giving you the choice to repair or reinstall the operating system and drivers for any hardware that came with the PC as original. Follow the on-screen instructions and you will be fine.

Make sure you have the details of, or a CD for reconnecting to your ISP [AOL]. Using the "Restore" CD will return your PC to the exact same condition as when you first purchased it from Staples. Any peripheral hardware such as printer/scanner will need the drivers re-installed but you should have received these with the hardware when bought.

If you are not sure about how to back up your files/documents, please post back to this thread and someone will talk you through and also help with the restore if you are having a problem with this.

If by any chance Staples did forget to supply a Restore CD or full programs and applications, don't worry as they are an excellent company to deal with and will offer you full support. j.

  pep's 18:42 10 Apr 2004

I have noticed that I do have a RECOVERY DISK for my MEDION LAPTOP as the computer I am having troublewith is an HP 760 will the Recovery Disk work?
The Laptop has an integral modem, but the HP760 is external would this be a problem?
If the Recovery disk can be used isit just a matter of loadingin the CD Rom or is there more to it?

  Djohn 20:05 10 Apr 2004

Hi pep's. No! Don't use the restore/recovery disk from your laptop as this will contain information and files particular to your laptop's hardware/software and will be different from the desktop.

There should be one for the desktop itself, it may even be a floppy disk. When you insert the disk it will auto run and it's just a matter of following the instructions on-screen.

The disk itself is a key to a hidden partition on your hard drive where there should be an image of all the hardware/software that was installed on your PC when first purchased. This key [Disk] allows your PC to remove all the data on your main drive and re-install back to factory setting.

It may be that you don't have a restore CD and hidden partition. If not, you should have been given the original Win. XP Home CD and other software when you bought the PC.

If you have backed up any important files then by all means insert the CD that says "Application & Support" and see if it offers you the option to restore back to new.

If you could open your "My Computer" by clicking on the Icon then we could explore the CD and see what is on there but as you say in your first post, you have lost access to this function.

If your not sure on any stage of this then please post back to this thread via your laptop and one of the forum members will talk you through the procedure. j.

  pep's 11:56 12 Apr 2004

Many thanks for your interest and suggestions but I think it is a dead duck, as there is no recovery cd I can use.
What I cannot understand is that in safe mode I can use the control panel but not in normal operation so it leads me think that there is something in the control panel that stops it running in normal operation.
The other thing is ,on the laptop you have a boot drive a recovery drivr and a back up drive on the desktop there is only c drive, no mention of a recovery drive.
I must look for a cheap edition of xp home and possibly reinstall the lot unless, I can get it sorted with the help of people like yourself.

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