Xp home or Pro? HDD buffer? Ram confusion!

  JEFoord 19:33 30 Oct 2005

I went into Evesham in Cambridge today and was somewhat confused by the knowledge of the staff there.
I do not claim to know all things PC, in fact, far from it, but I could not understand some of the things they told me. Would appreciate your help in clarifying the following:

Me: Why is it that in your axis dominator there is 1GB of dual channel DDR ram (PC3200) 400mhz (2x512mb) but when I try to configure the system on the website it says I can upgrade to 2GB DDR ram (PC2700)(2x1GB) for an extra £123.40+vat, why is it not 2GB of PC3200, surely this can not be that fast?
Evesham: Because no application needs 2GB of PC3200 ram.
Me: But £123.40 is a lot of money for very little improvement in performance!
Evesham: Ummmm!
Me: So it has 2 spare slots for ram, and it will take PC3200?
Evesham: Yes.

On the subject of XP home and pro editions, I was told that as it was only £50 to upgrade from home to pro it would be a very good idea because it would future proof me. They were unable to explain what pro has that home has not and just said it would cost £300 to upgrade if purchased after the sale so it made sense to get it now.
Can anyone tell me what pro has that home has not, that the ordinary home user would find useful.

On the subject of the size of buffer on a hard drive, I suggested that I would upgrade from a 250MB sata with 8mb buffer, to a 300MB sata with 16mb buffer because £34+vat would be worth the extra speed as I will be using the hard drive to tranfer files of 1GB or more frequently on to memory stick.
They replied that it was personal choice but did not make much difference.
Any ideas about that reply or am I on the wrong track?

I know the obvious thing to do is speak to someone else at Evesham about these issues, and I will, but I just wanted some opinions from people that really know about computers, your comments greatly appreciated.


  Taff™ 19:51 30 Oct 2005

Xp Home v XP Pro - For the home user who isn`t interested in networking stick with Home. Even if you were interested in networking a handful of computers Home will still cope with it.

I have XP Pro but I connect up to corporate company networks occasionally that run domains. I also have several computers with XP Home that are wirelessly connected. £50 isn`t much except when you haven`t got it or could use it better elsewhere. My advice is the latter!

  JEFoord 19:56 30 Oct 2005

Thanks for the advice, you make a good point.

  wrfc_rabbit 20:00 30 Oct 2005

im unsure but if running several applications it would use more ram......therefore you may use more than 1gb of ram. if im wrong then fair enough! But it seems feasible

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:03 30 Oct 2005

Q. Can anyone tell me what pro has that home has not, that the ordinary home user would find useful.

A . for the ordinary home user nothing.

Q. 250MB sata with 8mb buffer, to a 300MB sata with 16mb buffer

A. for run of the mill use you would'nt notice the didifference bot if your video editing will be very useful.

Again 2G of PC3200 mempry would hardly be noticed compared to 2G of PC2700 unless your bench testing.
If thats what you want then by the extra later and fit your self. same price for both speeds click here

  JEFoord 20:06 30 Oct 2005

So you think PRO uses more ram than HOME?
If this is true, and I have no reason not to believe you, then coupled with the point made by Taff, that makes up my mind about that part.
Any thoughts on the ram and HDD buffer questions?

  JEFoord 20:11 30 Oct 2005

Fruit bat,
That is what i was after. Straight to the point opinions, much appeciated. Thankyou.

  Epirb406 20:21 30 Oct 2005

(My own opinion)

For home use use xp home. For pro use use xp pro.

Noone needs more than a gig of memory, whatever the speed.

Sata hard drives? How would I know I haven't built a system for 12 months!!

Brgds, Epirb.

  JEFoord 20:28 30 Oct 2005

It might be that no-one needs more than 1GB of memory now, but how close are we to needing more?
I just want to future proof (I know that sounds daft when it comes to PC's) as much as I can while I have the money.

  wrfc_rabbit 21:22 30 Oct 2005

ok lol maybe i was wrong! but the future may bring us applications that use 2 gb of ram and it is very likely with 64bit programs on the horizon! still im no professional and i have a lot to learn at 15 but mobo companies wouldnt waste time allowing more than 1gb of ram to be ran on the boards.

hope im useful lol :)


  Mr Beeline 21:30 30 Oct 2005

Some games running at very high texture levels require up to 2GB of memory to stop "texture hitching" (IE. using virtual memory). EG. FEAR

Not like that matters if you're not into computer gaming.

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