XP. Home or Pro ?

  Derek 18:12 10 Apr 2003

I thought I might venture into upgrading to XP from ME.
I note that Watford are selling Home Upgrade for £85 and Pro for £50.
So the question is, should I go for the Pro upgrade and save money? All that I have read indicates that the Pro version is the better bet.
What is the difference?
Many thanks for your anticipated help. DM

  Eagie 18:26 10 Apr 2003

I've had a look at the site as the price you mentioned sounded out of this world - the problem is that price is for 'Windows XP Pro Upgrade CD from Win 2000/NT4 Educ' which I guess means it is no good for you unless you are an educational establishment!

The version you need is £157.45 which may alter your thinking a little.

  Djohn 19:16 10 Apr 2003

click here Avaliable from here. £46-00 for XP Pro.

  Patr100 20:01 10 Apr 2003

Basically the Pro version has greater network support and security - otherwise there is little that the average domestic user really requires that isn't in the Home version..

  flecc 21:22 10 Apr 2003

Definitely Pro, and the current PC Advisor mag recommends the same.

I had Home Edition and rate it as a bit of a failure, it's neither one thing or the other, falling awkwardly between, and losing some of the useful things while keeeping things irrelevant to home users. I gave it away.

  Happy1 21:42 10 Apr 2003

Definitely Pro. No contest.

  Glyn-252301 00:43 11 Apr 2003

The copy you quote is also for special licence as per Eagie's post == " Microsoft MS Windows XP Professional - Upgrade package - 1 user - EDU - CD-ROM"
Had me going for a moment. Regards G.

  Kyomii 01:02 11 Apr 2003

If you have children at school age, or are in education yourself you are entitled to the special licence version.

  Djohn 01:13 11 Apr 2003

Yes, sorry, I should have explained more. This is where I purchased my copy from a short while back, only £37-99 then!

The M/S agreement is quite wide ranging, far more so than many people realise. I live in sheltered housing along with 48 other people, each one of us as our own separate bungalow, and a shared common/entertainment room.

I am here for health reasons and therefore the baby of the scheme, most are in their 70's and 80's. A few weeks back we had a visit from Age concern, and they along with M/S are supplying us with a new PC and all other components, also internet connection. This will be placed in the common room for all residents to use.

We will receive eight weeks of one day a week training from the local university, and then we are on our own.

I am the only one who knows how to even turn on a PC, so I was volunteered to be a coach. Because of this I qualified to upgrade to XP, under the licence scheme, I contacted M/S to verify.

M/S said that If I was helping people to learn, then I was considered to be teaching. Insight did not even ask, just wanted my C/C details, and it was with me two days later. J.

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