RobCharles1981 22:52 28 Jan 2007

I have an XP Home OEM Disk on me that I have installed an another Computer (This was orginaly Supplyed with my then Evesham System but on this I use Pro, I made a note of the license number and kept it safe, when I installed XP Home and tried to activate Windows it wouldn't let me.

Should I contact Microsoft to Issue me a new Product Key??

  brundle 22:53 28 Jan 2007

OEM means the license is for the PC that copy of XP is installed on, and that one alone.

  Totally-braindead 23:26 28 Jan 2007

Thats the problem with OEM it dies with the computer it is on. You have broken the licencing rules by installing it on another PC and Microsoft will not activate it on another PC. That is the reason OEM is about a quarter of the price of the full version.

  RobCharles1981 09:20 29 Jan 2007

I have not used this o/s for the last few years its been the draw gathering dust, my main computer I use XP Pro, but I want to use XP Oem on my spare computer. Is there anyway I can ask Microsoft to help me?

  ardubbleyu 09:26 29 Jan 2007

Buy a new one... Totally-braindead is right, OEM is licensed to one machine only

  RobCharles1981 09:38 29 Jan 2007

Or I could put on XP Pro as its retail??

  johndrew 11:13 29 Jan 2007

Your XP Pro is also licensed for one machine only unless to pay for a multi installation license (as used in businesses and schools). Buy another copy of whichever you want, Pro or Home, full or OEM.

  Totally-braindead 13:02 29 Jan 2007

I'm sorry but you have used the OEM XP therefore it is registered they will not allow it to be used on another computer that is why it is cheaper. If you have a full version of XP whatever it is you can move it onto whatever computer you want but it is a licence for one and only one computer. If you put it on a second PC it will fail as Microsoft will know it is registered on another computer. If you explain that it has been moved then they will validate it but then your other computer with the same copy of XP on it will fail.
As a suggestion, if you buy a copy of XP media edition OEM from Aria that includes a upgrade to Vista Premium. click here and you could use that and later on upgrade it to Vista. But it is OEM and will die when the computer it is on dies same as the OEM version of XP you have already.
I cannot see any way out of your problem without spending money.

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