XP Home and Linux 7.1 Pro

  Technotiger 16:45 04 Dec 2007

Hi All,

my normal OS is XP Home(SP2). I have been given a boxed set of Linux 7.1 Pro complete - 7 CDs, 1 DVD and 2 floppies, with full printed instructions and Manuals. I am guessing it is pretty old, though it is all in pristine condition.

I have a spare USB hard drive formatted but empty, 146Gb available space.

I know zilch about Linux, but would like to at least 'play' with it and install it on my USB drive. So why am I hesitant?

If I go ahead, am I likely to come a cropper or interfere in any way with my XP, which is, as normal, on my internal drive C: ?

Also, is Linux and Ubuntu one and the same thing?

  Bandy 17:09 04 Dec 2007

Last part first. Ubuntu is only one of the many varieties of Linux, and seems to be gaining greatly in terms of popularity. I and many of my friends use it as their operating system of choice.

Also the range of programmes is immense although if you're looking for direct replacements for Windows programmes you may sometimes have a little difficulty.

If you're anything like me you will find it a little different at first with a bit of a learning curve, although it is worth the effort.

I've tried it in many ways, including Grub and both systems on one disc, but the system I'm using on this computer, the one on which I'm typing, is to have Win XP on one disc and Ubuntu on another. That way the one system doesn't affect the other and a choice of which to select is made at boot time by choosing the appropriate disc.

Another of my computers has Ubuntu as the main system with XP running inside a programme called Virtual Box.

I haven't encountered Linux 7.1 pro but it can't hurt to try it, although I would suggest that if it is an old system, as you imply, then you could have difficulty with some drivers. I might just be worth downloading the iso of a newer system that could then avoid such problems.

Best of luck with your trials and I hope you enjoy them

  skidzy 17:09 04 Dec 2007

Hi Techno;

Im not one to advise about Linux as im still learning and finding my way around it.

There are many versions of Linux but i would recommend if you going to have a play around...try PCLinuxOX or Kubuntu from a live cd.

You can just run this from the cd drawer without actually installing to your harddrive.
This i would recommend for starters.

It is fun learning Linux,but do be paitent as things may not go as planned or as you may think.

All in all,im enjoying my little play around with LOS and Kubuntu.

  skidzy 17:12 04 Dec 2007

Oops should have said PCLinuxOS

  octal 17:14 04 Dec 2007

I personally think You should discard that version of Linux because it wouldn't be supported any longer.

If you are interested a much better idea would be to test your system first using a Live CD, what happens is it's a version that runs from the CD it doesn't load it onto the hard drive, this gives the opportunity of testing all your hardware to make sure it's going to work with Linux before you commit it to the hard drive.

Ubuntu is a version of Linux, the one I use which is PCLinuxOS click here

Most Linux versions will allow you to run it first as a live CD.

  Bandy 17:15 04 Dec 2007

Skidzy has a point about using a live cd which will help to show up any potential hardware problems you could encounter - before they happen

  Technotiger 17:57 04 Dec 2007

OK Guys, many thanks for all your comments - as I suspected it is really too old to bother with, so I think I will not bother. It was only because I had been given it, Linux is not something I would go looking for.

But very many thanks to you all.

Hi skidzy - hope you are well!

  DieSse 18:04 04 Dec 2007

Do - you mean Red Hat Linux 7.1??

If so that's a pretty old version - and you'd do much better trying a newer version, via a live CD, as suggested above.

The most popular distros are Ububtu or Kubuntu - PCLinuxOS - and OpenSuse v10.3.

You can have a good read about what's new and a short review of popular versions here click here and here click here

  Technotiger 18:18 04 Dec 2007

Hi, it is actually SuSe Linux 7.1 Professional - not that that means anything to me :-) Reading through some of the Instructions it does not mention anything later than Win ME, which is why I guessed it is pretty ancient.

But as I said, I am not really that interested, though I would have installed it, if it had not been so old - even if only to 'play' with.

Thanks anyway ......

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