XP Home installed twice

  CalmCookie 02:35 20 May 2004

My friend was playing Far Cry and switched off his machine before the game and Windows had to time to shut down properly. The next time he went to use it, it refused to boot and went to a Blue screen after the Windows XP splash screen and then rebooted again......and continued rebooting until you turn it off. He tried to access the Safe Mode and Last Known Good Config but this also went the same way and reboots after a Blue Screen without reaching the Desktop. Now having read the discussion threads it's quite possible one of the sticks of memory has turned up its toes and died.....but the real problem now is he used his recovery disc and reinstalled Windows Xp Home again...so he now has 2 Windows folders...and he can't access anything from the old Windows settings ie Documents and Photos because he had a password on his original setting.
Any ideas please on how to remove the 2nd copy of Windows XP or how he can retrieve his data ie Docs and Photos?

  y_not 06:20 20 May 2004

One option would be to buy another HDD, set it up as master and use the existing drive as slave ... this should allow him to access all the data (other than corrupted files) on the existing drive before formatting it to give a second (clean) drive.

I have had to do this in the past and it worked very well as the only corrupt files were windows system files

Good luck


  temp003 08:54 20 May 2004

When he reinstalled XP, he may have changed the Computer Name or account name.

He has to take ownership of his old files. Try this. Boot into Safe Mode, right click the folder he wants to access (e.g. Documents and Settings, or even the entire C drive), select Properties, the Security tab, click Advanced, select Owner tab.

He will see the current owner being the old Account, like [Old Computer Name\Account Name].

Below that he should "Change Owner to", and then a list of accounts.

Highlight the new account name which was created at the reinstallation, e.g. [New Computer Name\Account Name].

Then tick the box for Replace owner on subcontainers and objects. Click OK.

After changing ownership to the new account, if necessary, he can right click the drive or folder again, Properties, Security tab, and change the permissions for the new account to allow full access.

Restart in Normal Mode to see if he can access the files.

  CalmCookie 12:38 22 May 2004

Yes thx m8....that at least enabled me to rescue his documents and family photos etc....any ideas on how to rescue his emails and email contacts?

Sorry it took a few days to reply....d:o)

  temp003 18:44 22 May 2004

You can make a copy of his email store folder. Normally, the folder should be C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{string of numbers and letters}\Microsoft\Outlook Express.

Inside you'll see a number of .dbx files. But just copy the entire folder.

To see this folder, you need to enable Show hidden files and folders in Folder Options.

Email contacts: search for a file called [user name].wab and make a copy of it.

  CalmCookie 22:13 23 May 2004

Many thx temp003.....emails and contacts all recovered...now for a clean install which he is in the process of doing...cheers all for your help.

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