XP Home & Individual E-Mail ?

  hodder 00:11 30 Apr 2004

Hi Everybody,
I have just changed to XP Home after using 98SE, I did this, not as an upgrade version, but as the full format and install.
I would like to know how using OE6, & Blueyonder dial-up, that everybody can see all the mail. At the moment whoever logs-on gets the mail, if you want to see all the mail you have to Switch User. WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG?
Is it something simple like altering settings in OE6, or have I got to change my settings with my IP?

Regards, Bob.

P.S. I will be away from the Computer for a while, thanks in anticipation!

  bremner 00:16 30 Apr 2004

You have set up the same e amil account on each users account.

To stop what is occuring you will need to delete this account from all but your settings.


With Blueyonder you can set up up to five seperate accounts for each real e amil address. Go to theri help pages for an expanation.

I have three clone accounts linked to my real account. This gives each person an individual e mail address and this can be set up in each of their own user profiles

  johnnyrocker 00:18 30 Apr 2004

at a rough guess you will need to select allusers share this connection and additionally set up the same e mail protocol for each profile or as administrator set up mail prefs but in my opinion the first option is more prefereble.


  hodder 00:27 30 Apr 2004

Thanks guys,
I thought it was something simple that I had probably missed on changing over OS.

Where would we be without the SAGE like answers of people like yourselves?

Regards, Bob.

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