XP Home - how much RAM? Norton and Word questions

  crobar 22:21 09 Feb 2004

Acer 290,Centrino 1.3, 256 mB RAM, XP Home

Under what conditions would additional RAM, total 512mB, be of advantage?

I use computer mainly for e-mail and word processing, unlikely to change type of use other than, perhaps, one day for storage/viewing of photos.

I used to let Norton System Works get me out of trouble on my now-pensioned-off Windows 95 desktop, keeping things going by using the maintenance utilities. Is there anything to be gained from the XP version for my new computer?

I have set system restore to maximum (12%) as a precaution - how many restore points would this amount of space provide. Hard disk is 30 Gig. I'd like to keep the original set-up point as a precaution - can it be done?

Any other suggestions to keep things running smoothly - I intend to keep my system as clean as possible - no messing with freebie software - just possibly MailWasher at the moment.

Is the wordprocessor in Microsoft Works 2004 (Word 2000?) much better than Word 97? Worth upgrading?

  citadel 22:36 09 Feb 2004

windows xp loves ram, 512 will speed up the computer and is cheap and easy to fit.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:40 09 Feb 2004

Under what conditions would additional RAM, total 512mB, be of advantage?

If you are doing more than one or two things at once; XP will benefit from 512Mb RAM. But for your usage, no real benefit... but for £30 or so, why not?

Norton System Works - no real advantage - free utilites do the same; XP has tools to do most of it.

Get a clean install with all the programs you want and all updates from MS. Then get Ghost and create an image, either on another partition, or on CD-Rs.

Have a look at click here for good backup / restore advice.

  DieSse 22:59 09 Feb 2004

WinXP runs fine in 256Mb - for what you do you won't see any benefit from 512Mb.

Norton System Works IMHO is a resource hog, and fond of finding problems where none exist. f you want to keep your system "clean", best avoid it.

Word 2000 is better than Word97 - one of the nicest small improvements is that the fonts lists actually show the fonts - rather than just their names - amazingly handy for such a "small" feature.

As suggested above - get your system set up, with all the updates, email settings, etc - then take some sort of "image" of it (Acronis, Ghost, Drive Image) - then you can have your own "system restore" CDs, but with a completely set up system.

  keith mac 08:03 11 Feb 2004

I'll look into the system suggestions guys - thanks for this. The XP restore CDs that came with my Acer do a HDD format losing all data files etc plus all the time-consuming MS update downloads......a real pain if XP gets broken

Confirms my thoughts about RAM and Norton although for an extra 256mB for £30.....hell's bells - I've resolved I'm not going to mess about with this computer!

By the way, I am crobar - I've had to muck about getting registered again as I couldn't get my password to work - keith mac aka crobar

  keith mac 16:56 22 Feb 2004

Been and gone and done it - £30 from Crucial, free overnight delivery!

Now I won't be wishing I'd splashed out a few quid at the beginning - hopefully this'll meet my needs into the foreseeable future.

Thanks for all you views and help.......


  keith mac 17:00 22 Feb 2004


PCA had Acronis on last month's cover CD - is this the way to go for a system restore CD?

Any further help on how to carry this out? How long would the burned CD last?

  hugh-265156 17:09 22 Feb 2004

acronis is good.easy to use just read the help on it.

ps if making a recovery image to cdr its best to do a fresh(updated)install of xp with a few essential programs and image this.will take up less space.

if your have more than 4 or 5 gigs as c: (lots of games and programs installed etc) then even with compression it will take up a lot of cdr`s.

around 5 gigs should take up 6 cdr`s or so.

the image will last if you use good quality discs and take care of them.as with any cdr.

  keith mac 17:11 22 Feb 2004

thanks huggy - I'll read up on what's needed.

  hugh-265156 17:18 22 Feb 2004

ps. dont forget to make the floppy back up disks when asked.you need four of these to restore your image if windows ever goes pear shaped.

  keith mac 20:05 22 Feb 2004

good job I bought a USB floppy drive recently.......!!!

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