XP Home edition Backup

  VernonTurner 15:18 03 Sep 2004

Hello everyone.

I have just bought a 160 gb external hard disk for the sole purposes of backing up the entire contents of my PC. Have successfully installed the XP Backup program. Started the backup to the external HD. A mere 7gb. Everything rosy until the message ' Backup failed - device formatted with Fat 32 - max poss size is limited to 4gb'. Is ther any way round this or should I buy a 3rd party backup program? Thanks in advance for advice.

  spikeychris 15:24 03 Sep 2004

Open the drive and from a command prompt type this....

convert drive_letter: /fs:ntfs

  spikeychris 15:27 03 Sep 2004

Where it says drive_letter type your drive letter, IE:

convert D: /fs:ntfs

  VernonTurner 15:31 03 Sep 2004

Many thanks spikeychris. Appreciate the instant response. Elderly Dummy here. Can you spell it out for me how to achieve this? Thanks.

  VernonTurner 15:40 03 Sep 2004

You have to forgive me Chris.
Opened 'My Computer' and opened 'Local Disk E' my new external hard drive. Not sure how to get to a 'command prompt'?

  spikeychris 15:45 03 Sep 2004

From within the 160 gig drive go to start and type run, type cmd and press enter. In the black box type this

convert D: /fs:ntfs (I have labelled your drive volume "D" you will have to type the correct letter IE: F, G, H ETC: Note the spaces between convert and D and the and the : and /
You might get a message saying the drive has to be undocked and the format will take place at the next reboot, just click OK and restart.

The drive will then be formatted in NTFS and your problem solved.

  spikeychris 15:46 03 Sep 2004

convert E: /fs:ntfs

  VernonTurner 16:19 03 Sep 2004

Thanks Chris. Really appreciate all this help. Have found everything according to your advice. A bit nervous about the final key press! Can I revert back to how the HD was if it doesn't work for me? Only just bought it.

  spikeychris 16:28 03 Sep 2004

No you cant convert back but it doesn't matter as NTFS is a better format option. Just hit that key.

  VernonTurner 15:29 04 Sep 2004

Thank you spikeychris for all this help. Still not quite there yet!
Followed all the instructions to the letter. My new external drive remains on FAT32 instead of NTFS. The message I got was 'Windows found errors on the disk, but will not fix them because disk checking was run without the /F (fix) parameter. Convert lost chains to files? (Y/N)
A bit lost on this. There is nothing on the new drive. When I first attempted the backup from my main PC, which failed 'cos of the 4gb limit, I deleted the incomplete backup file.
What should I try next? Thanks

  spikeychris 17:28 04 Sep 2004

Do the same as before, start run and type "cmd" In the black box type this CHKDSK /f

This will fix the drive then convert to NTFS as above. Don't worry about converting it will not do any damage and will only improve things.

When you do type CHKDSK /f it might say it cant do it as something else is using the drive and it might ask if you want it to fix the drive when you next restart, click "Y".

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