Xp home doesnt remember file settings

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 12:07 11 Feb 2004

Hi , im on xp home and i have set all my files and folders laods of times ,like thunbnails and size and position of folders on screen,but when i restart the settings have reverted back and i have to do it all over again.Can this be cured or do some folders just not save settings,Its only my documents folder and the ones inside it i alter to show thumbnails,but it keeps going back to tiles on reboot,also the recycle bin opens small when i set it to fill screen.


  johnnyrocker 15:14 11 Feb 2004

with recycle bin you might try dragging sides/top/bottom to fit then closing with alt f4 and re open it should then be ok


  hugh-265156 15:18 11 Feb 2004

click here maybe

  Skeletor 16:17 11 Feb 2004


I've got exactly the same problem. I've also seen the link some time ago that huggy71 pointed to. Unfortunately poking around in the registry isn't something that I'm keen to do, so I've just lived with the problem, but it is quite an irritation especially as I'm a keen amateur photographer and prefer the thumbnail view. Hope somebody has an answer that doesn't involve editing the registry.

  hugh-265156 18:19 11 Feb 2004

set up a restore point before using regedit.

its a bit scary the first few times you use it but if you follow the ms step by step advice in the link above and type exactly as is in the kb article you wont go far wrong.

  Skeletor 22:20 11 Feb 2004


Have you tried huggyg71's suggestion? I bit the bullet and had a go...rebooted...and would you believe, all my files and folders were exactly as I had set them. My first attempt at editing the registry seems to have been successful.

Cheers huggy71

Now!..I wonder what happens if I change the value of...

  hugh-265156 22:47 11 Feb 2004

my pleasure.glad it worked for you.

some really good tweaks click here click here

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 15:44 12 Feb 2004

Yep it did work i did have to untick/retick the save folder view option first tho but after that was ok.


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