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  Pita BT 01:14 25 Feb 2004

Is there anything wrong?
I have noticed that my Startup is slower than it used to be. The desktop flashes a few times during the process.
I decided to look for desktop.ini file to look at it.
When I searched, I found 135 of them.
Can anyone look for their XP Home desktop.ini's and tell me if it is normal to have so many?
Many thanks in advance

  sat481 01:45 25 Feb 2004

I did a search and only have 2.. one in windows and one in system32


  Pita BT 01:48 25 Feb 2004

OMG.....Help anyone????

  temp003 02:12 25 Feb 2004

The file desktop.ini in a folder mainly contains that folder's folder view settings. It's not restricted to the Desktop as we call it. They are harmless, and it is unlikely that the little niggle you have in loading the Desktop is caused by any desktop.ini file. If you delete them, it's OK, but a lot of them will be re-created by Windows over time.

As to the number, it must vary from computer to computer: how many user accounts you have, how many folders, how many folder view settings you've made, and so on. I've got 15 on my C drive, one user account. sat481's two only is remarkably small, it may be that some of them are in hidden folders which are not included in the search.

I would leave the files alone, but it's no big deal deleting them. You may lose any special view settings you've made.

As to loading the Desktop, it happens from time to time. Don't really know what causes it, but it may have something to do with the startup items. I'm only guessing here, but maybe a particular startup item is taking time and resources to load, interfering with the loading of the Desktop. You can try removing some of the unncessary startup items in msconfig startup tab, but ultimately it's not a big problem, and may correct itself from time to time.

  Pita BT 11:21 25 Feb 2004

Hi. Thank you for your reassurance regarding desktop.ini files. I thought maybe I had found the cause of sluggish startup, thinking perhaps that it dredge through all those for settings which may have been duplicated.

I only have one account on this machine, and that is administrator. These files are spread between many folders. A lot of them are in folders contained in documents/settings and are Administrator, All Users, Default User, My Name, Local Service, Network Service, and Owner.

I assume they are all accounts but must be there by default. I assume I use the one My Name. Is it necessary to have all these?

Also I have noticed that on the icons for desktop.ini files there is a cog wheel. On only 2 of them are they clear and bright colour. All the rest are faded cogs. The two bright ones are the ones mentioned by the other post and are in C:/Windows and Windows/System32. I am guessing but probably if he did a thorough search by ticking advanced when doing so he would find a few more. Is it likely that all the faded icons are inactive?

I suppose I could clear the recycyle bin then delete them, and see what happens. If I dont like what happens I could restore them. Will recycle bin take about 133 without losing any or should I do it piecemeal?

  Pita BT 11:28 25 Feb 2004

Okay I think I have figured out why there are bright and faded icons. The ones with the bright icons in Windows and System32 are empty. All the faded ones contain instructions.

  Chegs ® 11:28 25 Feb 2004

Just out of curiosity,I ran a search for desktop.ini in hidden files/folders.It came up with 90,and selecting Properties of them all equated to a whole 12.5Kbs,so these will fit in the recycle bin with no problems.

  Pita BT 11:43 25 Feb 2004

Okay thanks for that info. Mine equate to 20kb but size on disk = 532kb.
Actually having looked at individual ones many of them are settings that I have set for folder views, like Thumbnails, Pictures, Icons etc. (I think).

I just wonder if all those accounts I mentioned are necessary when I only use one. i.e. User, Default User, All Users, Owner, when all I use is the one bearing My Name. And of course Administrator which I understand should be there. Nobody else to use this machine here.

So whilst I will take Temp003's advice to leave the files alone, (inasmuch as I won't delete them without being able to recover them) perhaps someone will tell me if all those user folders are necessary.

  Chegs ® 11:51 25 Feb 2004

Not exactly neccessary,but removal will probably drive you nuts having to reset every single folders views whenever your poking about in XP... ;-)

  Pita BT 12:11 25 Feb 2004

LOL. OK point taken. Thanks

  temp003 12:45 25 Feb 2004

The "cogwheel over text" icon is for files with extensions such as .ini or inf (and possibly others).

Ordinary text files have no cogwheels.

An icon for a file or folder is usually "solid", or bright, unless it is a hidden file or folder (that is, a file or folder with the hidden attribute). It will then be "faint" or faded.

I think the fact that both the 2 bright files are empty and the others have settings may be a coincidence (at least that's what I think). Anyway, it's interesting.

You can try, in My Computer, Tools, Folder Options, View tab, to show/do not show hidden files and folders. All the hidden files which have been shown are "faded".

The folders under Documents and Settings: All Users and Default Users are created by XP. They do serve a purpose but probably not very important. I would leave them alone.

Local Service and Network Service, that's new to me and I haven't had time to look it up. I'm not aware that XP Home creates these by default.

Are you on a network? That may be the reason.

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