XP Home Boot Problem

  Ploppypants 09:22 04 Nov 2003

I have recently installed XP Home from 98.
It all seemed to work ok, until I downloaded a driver for my TV card (878TV). When I restarted, after approx. 8 seconds, a message appeared in DOS mode saying...

NTLDR Missing
Press Cont+Alt+Del to restart

I did this, and the same happened again, even after switching the comp. off.

Any help would be much appreciated thanx.

  The Lights Are On 09:29 04 Nov 2003

You don't have a floppy in the drive do you?

  Ploppypants 09:39 04 Nov 2003

CD-ROM and 3.5" are empty.

  The Lights Are On 09:48 04 Nov 2003

From my reading & from past distant threads on this subject you might find this is a reasonably quick option than may or may not work, basically your loader file for XP is damaged, this can happen often when moving from one operating system to another.

Configure your computer to start from the CD-ROM drive (Boot from CD). Insert your Windows XP CD (Your XP Licence key will be required at some point), restart the computer. When the 'Press any key to boot from CD' message is displayed on your screen, press a key to start your computer from the Windows XP CD.

Press ENTER when you see the message To setup Windows XP now, and then press ENTER displayed on the Welcome to Setup screen.

Do NOT choose the option to press R to use the Recovery Console. In the Windows XP Licensing Agreement, press F8 to agree to the license agreement. Make sure that your current installation of Windows XP is selected in the box, and then press R to repair Windows XP.

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete Setup.

  Ploppypants 09:54 04 Nov 2003

I have one problem with this option though...
I dont get far enough to be able to reconfigure my comp to 'boot from CDROM'.
The NTLDR Missing message appears before any other DOS message, and stopps the boot process in its tracks.
Can I do this through 'SAFE' mode?
And how do i get into SAFE mode?

  temp003 09:58 04 Nov 2003

I assume you're not dual booting, but only have XP now. If you are dual booting, post back to say so.

Ntldr is one of the boot files needed for booting into XP, which is saved at C:\ntldr. Although the message says the file is missing, usually the file is there on the computer, but somehow during the boot process, the file cannot be located.

Try this. Turn on computer and go into Bios settings and make sure that in the boot sequence (or boot device priority), the CDROM comes before the hard disk. Insert XP installation CD. Exit Bios (and save settings if changed).

Computer will boot from CD. Go into Recovery Console. click here: for screen shots.

At the C:\WINDOWS> prompt, type:


and press Enter. This will list the hard disks, partitions and CDROM drives. Note the drive letter for the CDROM.

Back at the prompt, type:

copy x:\i386\ntldr c:

and press Enter (where x is the drive letter for the CDROM with the XP CD).

You may be asked whether you want to overwrite the file. If so, it means the file is there, but say yes anyway.

Then type:

copy x:\i386\ntdetect.com c:

and press Enter. Say yes again if prompted.

Then at the prompt, type:

bootcfg /rebuild

and press Enter.

Recovery Console will scan the computer for existing installations of XP and list them. There should be only one, saying (1) C:\WINDOWS

You will be asked whether to add this to the boot list. Say yes.

You will be asked to enter the Identifier, just type:

Microsoft Windows XP Home

and press Enter.

You will be asked to enter the Load Options. Just type:


and press Enter.

After that is done, at the prompt, type:


and press Enter. The computer will restart. Remove XP CD and let the computer boot from the hard disk. Hopefully you can boot into XP. If not, post back.

If it works, when in XP, go to My Computer, double click the C drive and see what individual files are present (just the individual files, not the folders). If there are many non-system files there, move them elsewhere (but make sure they are not system files. If not sure, leave them alone.

Then do a defrag of the C drive.

  graham√ 10:02 04 Nov 2003

Look here click here

  Ploppypants 10:03 04 Nov 2003

At the moment I am at work, so havent got access to my PC. I've printed this discussion to take home and try tonight.

I will reply tomorrow to let you know the score.
Thanks again for the help.

  Ploppypants 10:06 04 Nov 2003

I'll have a look.

  temp003 10:07 04 Nov 2003

To get into BIOS settings, you need to press the relevant key or combination of keys as soon as the computer starts. Just get your finger ready on the keyboard and press the relevant key(s) repeatedly until you get the BIOS settings.

A repair installation suggested by The Lights Are On will work. This is equivalent to a reinstallation of XP over the existing copy, without losing data or programs, which will put the boot files right. The only thing to remember is after booting into XP, you will need to reinstall all Windows updates.

It's up to you as to which method you choose, and which one you feel more comfortable with.

There's another method of booting into XP temporarily if you have access to another computer with XP on it, by creating an XP boot floppy and boot from the floppy, bypassing the hard disk boot files. If you do have access to another XP computer, post back (if you want this alternative).

  The Lights Are On 10:07 04 Nov 2003

Ok, you set to boot from Cd in BIOS, this is usualy entered by tapping the DEL (not always click here ) key as the computer starts to boot, just after the memory check. click here Look under Standard CMOS Features. there is a small pic, you want the first boot device to be your main CD Rom.

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