XP home 3 installs?

  rickf 18:22 18 Jan 2008

Seems to have read somewhere that Win XP Home edition can be installed up to 3 home computers. Am I right or am I going senile?

  €dstowe 18:33 18 Jan 2008

You are not right. I think it unfair to comment on your alternative suggestion.

  Simsy 18:36 18 Jan 2008

WINDOWS XP, ie the operating system, then you are not correct. It's one copy/licence for each machine.

However with OFFICE XP, (and I believe all versions of MS Office), you can install it on a desktop and a laptop.

With OFFICE 2003, Student version, you could install on 3 home desktops, and with OFFICE 2007 you can do the same.

I write that without having checked it in detail, but I'm fairly sure I have all the above correct!

Good luck,



  SANTOS7 18:42 18 Jan 2008

Senile it is then... i'll get me coat...

  rickf 18:57 18 Jan 2008

Cheers for the clarification folks.

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