eysha1 11:30 29 Mar 2013

Long story cut short. My friend who is now 75 is having computer problems with his XP machine. It is running extremely slow, taking around 20 mins to get onto Google he tells me. It was a reconditioned machine when he got it and he has had it around 4 years now. The hard drive has never been wiped and could be the original hard drive. I went to visit him and cleaned the rubbish out of the computer which he didn't know how to do so i got a few gigs back. I am thinking it might be best to wipe the hard drive and reinstall XP but he only has a recovery disk from the people/firm who sold the computer and it is a support disk, not sure if it has XP on and not sure if it has a license number on it either and i don't want to risk wiping it if there is no proper re-install disk. Is there a way to make a recovery disk from the computer and will it have a license number on it? Also if i can do that how do i do it? I won't be able to keep asking on here if i get stuck as he lives a distance away and there won't be a computer to ask on so instructions please along with advice. It is an E machine if you know what that is with an 80 gig hard drive and used by his grand children for games when they visit. Thanks in advance. E

  Chronos the 2nd 12:16 29 Mar 2013

JellyBean. This will let you retrieve the COA key.

This might help with your main problem. How To.

Or you could borrow an XP Home CD and install that, but that is taking a more difficult route as you would need to find all the drivers for your motherboard ETC.

I have no doubt someone here will steer you right with recovery disks of which I know nothing.

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