XP hardware Insert /Removal sound

  p.r.b 11:09 26 Jan 2011

Recently I have started to hear these sounds for no apparent reason when I am using the internet and the cursor also changes to the egg timer shape.
It is as if someone is tring to connect to my computer, I know that I can turn the sound off via the control panel but I would like to get at the underlying cause if there is a problem. I ran AVG but it doesn't show anything up, I have used the reload disc to set everything back to the factory settings yet still have the problem, my O/S is X/P, does anyone have any ideas


  gengiscant 11:21 26 Jan 2011

Can you describe the sounds?

  p.r.b 11:44 26 Jan 2011

The two sounds I keep getting are those I hear when I insert a USB stick.
To hear them proceed as follows, Control Panel, Sounds, select the Sounds Tab. In the program events box select any you wish ( I use asterisk ) then select Browse this wil give you a list of sounds, right click the XP hardware Insert sound then play, then likewise for XP hardware remove.
I suppose the only other thing it could be is a loose connetion somewhere probably the keyboard or mouse.

  gengiscant 11:54 26 Jan 2011

I think you have possible answered your own question. Indeed a loose connection seems to be the likely culprit.

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