XP Froze then didn't load

  joeartis 02:22 19 Oct 2008

I found that I couldn't open folders on my XP 64 bit machine, so I restarted. This set of the Windows didn't shut down properly page. I couldn't get the beast to start using any of the options. I thought as I back up every day that I would do a clean install of the OS. Wrong again I can't install XP 64 or 32 bit nor Vista 64 bit on the machine it shows shuts dwon and restarts the installation again. Ubuntu Linux has installed and is working. I believe that I could have a problem with the graphics card (drivers or card it's self) as the screen doesn't seem to refresh at it's normal speed. Could the graphics card have caused the original fault?

All help greatly received. Joe

  mocha 03:41 19 Oct 2008

Hi joeartis,

How far does the installation get before shutting down. Have you partitioned and formatted the drive or just installing over old operating system.

If Linux has installed o.k. I cant see your graphics card being at fault otherwise you would be having problems with Ubuntu.

  Pineman100 12:41 19 Oct 2008

How are you attempting your clean install? Booting from the Windows CD is the best way.

  joeartis 14:47 19 Oct 2008


Shuts down at 3 minutes on XP 32 bit, 4 minutes on XP 64 bit and restarts at the Windows is starting point on Vista. I' mthinking od windows driver problem as I have heard of similar Graphics card problems before.

Pineman 100,

I'm doing a clean install from the CDs formatting the whole works.

Thank you both for your help.


  mocha 15:15 19 Oct 2008

Hi joeartis,

Have you got a spare Graphics Card you can install just to see if you are still getting this problem.

The last time I had a similar problem it was faulty memory. At least with memory it will cost you nothing to check it out. Download memtest86 from click here and use the 'ISO images suitable for creating a bootable Memtest86 CD-ROM' This will auto boot from cd providing you make CD\DVD drive 'first boot device' in your bios. Let it do a full test, this will report any faulty mem sticks.

Hope this helps.

  joeartis 15:16 19 Oct 2008

Hi Again Mocha and Pineman100,

I've just enabled the AIT Graphics card drivers under Ubuntu and it is now doing the same as the mcomputer did under Windows. I'm thinking that this proves the case for a Graphics Card fault? Hopefully it is the card and not the mother board.

What are your thoughts?

Thank you again.


  mocha 15:24 19 Oct 2008

Hi joeartis,

Have you not got an old computer that you could remove the graphics card from just to try. This way you dont go out and buy a new graphics card and find it's something else as mentioned in my last mail.

  joeartis 15:44 19 Oct 2008

Hi Mocha,

Will MEMTEST 86 run properly on a 64 bit system?


  mocha 17:34 19 Oct 2008

Hi joeartis,

memtest86 boots from a cd, it runs before Windows starts up. Once windows boots you cannot reliably test memory because windows is sitting in a huge chunk of that memory.

  mocha 17:50 19 Oct 2008

Hi joeartis,

You need to burn the iso image with nero or imgburn a freebie APP. you cannot just copy it to a CD.


  joeartis 19:23 19 Oct 2008

Evening Mocha,

I had the memtest 86 software on Cd already and ran it, reported no errors.



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