XP Freezes with Continuos Beep & Flashing pwr lamp

  Mr Computer 23:25 06 Aug 2008

My computer is an ASUS A7VA mbod 1.6 processor 512 Ram 80gb hard drive xp pro sp2
I get it freezing up with a continuos beep & Flashing power light.
Grateful if some one can help! thanks Peter.

  MAT ALAN 23:29 06 Aug 2008

Continuous bios beeps point to Bad memory or a failing VGA card...

Would be worth looking at those first...

  MAT ALAN 23:33 06 Aug 2008

Forgot, if the beeps are discearnably long or short they can mean different things

Continuous long beeps: Memory error
Continuous short beeps: PSU error

  DieSse 01:31 07 Aug 2008

If this happens when it's running - then it's nothing to do with the BIOS.

Continuous beeps mean over temperature, or fan failure (running too slowly), of voltage error from the power supply.

In the summer, most likely over temperature.

You can download free Everest which reads the temperature sensors in the system.

click here

Check all the fans are running properly, and clean out dust from the main heatsink on the processor.

Let us know what the temperatures are.

  Mr Computer 16:14 07 Aug 2008

Thanks DieSse & Mat for your advice, have cleaned checked fans cpu etc also used everest to check the system. The current temps are ( with one side off) Mboard A7A266 39c (102f) CPU AMD Athlon (Thunderbird) 1343 Mcycles 60c (140f) & Hdrive 44c (111f) Are these ok?
All appears to be ok at moment, as I post this response. Pete.

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