XP freezes

  Bluescreen 08:17 08 Mar 2003

My system freezes when I look at screen savers!I then have to reboot. The system carries 512 DDR 2100 Ram on of which is from PC World. What could cause this freeze?


  AMD 4 ever 08:34 08 Mar 2003

Bluescreen it could be 100 things or just one simple thing!
Please post your spec details and software you are running and this will help us to determine perhaps any known issues.

  Bluescreen 08:54 08 Mar 2003

Ok here goes;

AMD 2000xp
PC Chips 841lmr m/b
512DDR Ram 2100. One crutial and one from PCW.
40gig 7200rpm Seagate.

Installed xp upgrade on Tuesday and had a big crash. System said ;
<Windowsroot>\system32\hall.dll was missing or currupt. Didn't matter what i did, I could not install this file. The only operating system it would load was 98.Then when I upgraded with xp,there was this blinking message!!

Only way I fixed it was to use Diskwizard and write disk back to zeros(5hours!) and then format and load Xp. All ok except this annoying freeze. Also it stuck on the log on page once.
I thought XP was meant to be stable. Didnt have this problem with Me. Help

  Bluescreen 09:44 08 Mar 2003

Also, I note that you can set DDR CAS Latency. What should I set this to? What is the difference in 2.0T 2.5T, and 3.0T? What should I set it to for best/reliable performance?

  AMD 4 ever 10:45 08 Mar 2003

if it is ddr ram it should be 2.5T, but I wouldn't advise using 2.0T unbless you only use the crucial stick.
Try removing the pcw one. the set the cas to 2.5.

  Bluescreen 14:39 08 Mar 2003

Thanks. So far so good.


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