xp format

  User-8A6D74DB-A1CB-4F60-B51BB2204031B46D 09:48 27 Jun 2003

i have xp installed on my pc. if i reformat will i have any problems reactivating windows or any other hassle with microsoft products.

  Jester2K II 11:16 27 Jun 2003

Not if the PC spec is the same.

Otherwise i understand its only a phone call and no hassle at all even then!!

  Danoh 11:17 27 Jun 2003

If you have not changed the components of your PC significantly since XP was first installed on it, then no.

  Danoh 11:19 27 Jun 2003

If you have internet access, it doesn't even need a phone call; after registering your details again it's all done.

  Jester2K II 11:27 27 Jun 2003

If you have changed more than X number of compents can you reactivate via the web?

I thought under those circumstances you need to give Billy a quick ring and check its OK to reinstall Windows XP on his, sorry your own, PC again....

  Danoh 11:34 27 Jun 2003

:-) It does feel you've paid a lot of dosh for Billy to claim it as his!

You can still reactivate but the value of X is the moot point. Way back when XP first came out and the debate on Windows Activation was raging, I found a German website which outlined how the activation algorithm was meant to work. But that was a while ago and I don't have the URL to hand.

Have you done a search for Windows Activation within this forum?

Suffice to say that unless you have swapped so many components that its essentially a new PC, there won't be any queries. Even if there were queries, I'd expect the powers that be would be relaxed if its all personal use stuff and genuine licence procured.

  Brian-336451 11:45 27 Jun 2003

I've done this several times including talking to Microsoft on a phone number that crops up on the screen with a real big bunch of numbers (like the licence set but much bigger).

Once they are certain you and your machine are kosher, they are very helpful.

There is SO much cr*p spoken about this its rather disheartening - it is NOT a problem.

It was even a Freefone number.

Relax and go for it.


  Danoh 12:30 27 Jun 2003

Much of the decomposed vegetable matter emanated from the horses stable in the first place. But the strong odour (PR) is working, not least evidenced by the fact that we're still discussing it.

  Jester2K II 12:47 27 Jun 2003

Not THAT Brian May & Danoh - I think we're all saysing the same thing. I just wondered if when you change X number of components you can still activate on the net or your nee to make the call. Looks likr you need to call but as i heard from pervious threads its relaxed and no prblems ever encountered....

innf+ - Go for it...

Caused much discussion but i sorted it out

thanks to all...


  Danoh 00:40 29 Jun 2003

Gr8 to hear that innf+!!!

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