XP Folder Views not 'sticking' - Any ideas?

  Radix Lecti 12:38 22 Nov 2006

Good afternoon all.

At work, our XP Pro build is fairly locked down (as you'd expect in a corporate environment), however they've kindly left regedit available to all.

Here's my challenge...

Everytime I boot up, and go into 'My Computer' I want to see the contents in 'Detail' view.

I can set this, and then proceed to the 'Folder Option' preferences, under 'Tools' and under the 'View' tab I click 'Apply to All Folders', in the hope that EVERY folder I now open would be displayed in 'Detail' view, as it does at home.

Now, I assume that as I have access to the registry, I can 'fix' this little annoyance directly.

Am I right?

I've tried navigating to 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ShellNoRoam' and deleting the key folders called 'BagMRU' and 'Bags'.

This is SUPPOSED to zero the settings to allow me to set my personal view preferences, however this only appears to apply to individual folders (i.e. each folder I set my viewing preferenced on, remains that way).

I need my folder viewing preferences to be applied globally though.

Any ideas, clever bods?!

  Eric10 13:10 22 Nov 2006

Instead of deleting the values try increasing them as in this link. click here

  Radix Lecti 13:21 22 Nov 2006

Thanks for this. I'm already at SP2 level, and I've also tried upping this value to 8000, without joy.

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