xp firewall+third party firewall

  romanab 21:26 16 Feb 2004

can I run a third party firewall(f-secure internet shield)while having xp firewall enabled or is it best to disable xpf.Does it increase my protection(I've already been done once)or diminish it.Any ideas?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:30 16 Feb 2004

Best (essential?) to disable the XP firewall.

  VoG II 21:31 16 Feb 2004

XP's firewall is only one way (blocks inbound events). Most (all?) others monitor outbound as well so will pick up trojans, spyware etc trying to "phone home". Personally I've disabled the XP firewall and rely on McAfee PF.

Running two or more firewalls shouldn't cause problems, unlike with anti-virus where running one only is the best to avoid system slowdowns.

  obbit 21:32 16 Feb 2004

zone alarm is very good and should be all you need. disable xp firewall though.

zone alarm free version click here

a lot of us use it

  Mankster 21:37 16 Feb 2004

ZONE alarm is quite good, but aint perfect in compatability with broadband Blueyonder
try this ,i use and cant find a fault it also is free
click here

  confused7654 21:49 16 Feb 2004

I have Norton Anti-Virus and want a compatible Firewall. Norton's Internet Security does not seem to have a good reviews (can disrupt smooth running of pc). Any recommended alternatives? The consensus out there seems to be to disable XP firewall – right?

  nick_j007 22:06 16 Feb 2004

I run NAV and also have XP's built in fire wall turned on.
The two run side by side very well, and I have never had any trouble. Thing is with XP's firewall is that you get no interaction with it whatsoever, but in fact that suits me fine really. Leaves me to get on and actually use my PC instead of worrying about what it is blocking.
Some might point out the error of my ways, but it would be interesting as to what others do/think.



  mikef. 22:08 16 Feb 2004

I use NAV with Zonealarm with no problems

  Flaco 22:15 16 Feb 2004

Ditch XPF, it's worse than useless and probably a liability on aggregate. If you want to see how many holes it has, try testing it with this site click here. Scroll down to 'Hot Spots' and select 'Shields Up' test.

Zone Alarm is generally good, although I've heard also that the free version can cause some compatibility problems. My firewall has never let me down and I believe it is based on Sygate, so I'd suggest checking out Mankster's link above.

  christmascracker 22:23 16 Feb 2004

Same as you, I have NAV 2004 and have the XP firewall turned on.

Have tried NIS and couldn't get on with that, Zone Alarm was ok until the update back in December and then caused havok.

Have also tried Kerio and Sygate and didn't like them either.

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