XP Firewall v Norton

  Peter-203494 12:11 11 Feb 2005

With my current firewall about to expire have purchased Nortons 2005 Firewall.

This however advises turning off the XP firewall due to conflict difficulties.

Which is the best system to run?

Any help please

  ventanas 12:29 11 Feb 2005


  fuzzyone 12:32 11 Feb 2005


xp firewall is basic, and only stops incoming traffic.

Norton is a far better choice.

  FelixTCat 12:34 11 Feb 2005

The XP firewall does not block any outgoing processes. If you have a trojan, the XP firewall will do nothing to stop it. It relies on stopping one coming in (maybe) and an antivirus program (not supplied) keeping one off your disk.

Norton will stop both incoming and outgoing processes.

  tenplus1 12:53 11 Feb 2005

XP Firewall SP2 is actually not that bad, so long as you're using a good Virus and Spyware program along-side it... Norton in my opinion is too big, bulky and causes way to many system probs

  gudgulf 13:14 11 Feb 2005

You should find that Norton will automatically disable the Windows firewall when you install it.If you find that Norton does cause problems (If you have just bought the firewall then it shouldn't.) ZoneAlarm is a good free alternative and also much better than the Windows one.

  Peter-203494 13:52 11 Feb 2005

Many thanks for the responses. Very helpful

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