XP fax problem

  Jimmyjames 19:29 18 Oct 2005

Have looked at previous threads but cannot find an answer.
Fax set to manual receive, phone rings to receive incoming fax, click "answer now" but nothing happens. Tried auto answer but didnt work either. Have removed fax services and reinstalled but still no joy.
Any thoughts please?

  Taff36 08:44 19 Oct 2005

Are you on Broadband or straight forward dial up? In either case it could be interference on the line. Call waiting settings, 1571 message which gives a different dial tone or lack of ADSL filters. Just some thoughts that will bump you back to the first page.

  Jackcoms 12:42 19 Oct 2005

If you are on BB, fax will not work.

You need a dial-up modem to send/receive faxes.

  Taff36 09:17 20 Oct 2005

So basically you have to have your modem connected as well.

  Jimmyjames 19:48 28 Oct 2005

Thanks for the reminders guys but had it working before. The dial-up modem doesnt seem to pick up the fax call. Have always used the correct microfilters from day one in order to get the BT 1meg working properly.

  buckland 20:18 28 Oct 2005

I have spent all day activating the Fax for the first time in my XP. Everything appeared O.K. but nothing was actually getting through. Suddenly realised I was on Broadband and when it was installed I had unplugged the original Modem. Now I realised I had been trying to use my ISP to send Faxes so plugged back the old Modem running in tandem with Broadband and all is well and sending and receiving Faxes without any furthe adjustment to the Fax Wizard. I reckon TAFF 36 is correct.

  Jackcoms 20:41 28 Oct 2005

"Suddenly realised I was on Broadband and when it was installed I had unplugged the original Modem".

If you'd read my post of 19 October you might have saved yourself a lot of time.

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