XP fax looks for dial tone though modem set not to

  MarkL 11:41 16 Jan 2003
  MarkL 11:41 16 Jan 2003


I use PC faxing a lot and have just upgraded to XP Pro. I have stutter dial tone on my BT line and have set the modem to not wait for dial tone. The modem can dial out to my ISP as can hyperterminal. However, when sending a fax I always get the error no dial tone.

My modem provider has been great at proving that the modem is OK, so now it looks like the software.

I have tried explicitly putting ATX3 (Hayes don't wait for dial tone) in the pre-dial string.

All suggestions gratefully recevied.


  graham 13:12 16 Jan 2003

is stutter dial tone?

  MarkL 14:07 16 Jan 2003


Stutter dial tone = broken or intermitent dial tone.

You get this on BT lines when you have an active direct.

Does this help you identify any causes?



  graham 14:25 16 Jan 2003

Thanks, the correct term is interrupted dial tone, and I assume you mean an active divert. Try cancelling the divert to give normal dial tone and see if the error comes up, because I think the modem should recognize either. The line is free, you're not on-line whilst trying the fax? I'm going down this road until someone comes on who is more familiar with fax, Iv'e only dabbled.

  MarkL 15:03 16 Jan 2003


I've tried this (sorry didn't put it in my initial post).

If I disable the divert then the fax works fine. And guess how I cancel the divert - by using the dialler in Outlook with the approriate *code!

So it only seems to be fax that has the problem - the following apps can all dial when the divert is present:

- Outlook
- network connection to ISP
- hyperterminal

Any suggestions?



  graham 15:13 16 Jan 2003

Have you checked in Fax Console - Tools - Configure Fax, see if there are any clues there? There's got to be a simple answer to this, modem settings and dial tone detection should be the same for all applications. Otherwise you'll have to wait for the evening shift of experts!

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