XP fax console - voice calls treated as fax calls

  preb 19:29 07 Jul 2004

I have just configured Fax Console on Windows XP Home and it very nicely sends and receives faxes. However, every incoming voice call is treated as a fax call and no-one gets to speak to me but gets treated to fax warbling sounds instead! What do I need to do to for fax calls only to be recognised and processed by Fax Console. Thank you in advance.

  accord 19:48 07 Jul 2004

the only thing i can think of is that you have it configured to answer after so many rings.

open fax console, click on tools and on the drp down menu click on configure fax, lick next twice which will bring up a menu whereby you can select enable send and enable receive. Here you can select manual answer or automatic answer. Try slecting manual answer and see if this resolves your problem.

Other than that im not too sure. I use fax console to send faxes and receive them via www. trinite.co.uk fantastic service as i dont have to have my pc on all day to receive faxes.

hope this helps.

  preb 20:01 07 Jul 2004

Thanks for response - no, I've tried manual setting but this then means I have to be there all the time to manually click on possible fax calls soming in. Just like a fax machine, I want to leave it alone and let it figure out which calls are faxes and to save and print them. Any other suggestions, please?

  preb 20:27 07 Jul 2004

Accord - could you let me know more about the service you use (trinite)? Thanks. Preb

  safemode 22:07 07 Jul 2004

preb, just a design flaw, no way round it as far as i know.

it's designed for a dedicated fax line for which it would operate perfectly.

  preb 22:16 07 Jul 2004

thanks for the responses - at least I know now! Can anyone recommend any fax software that recognises fax calls as different to voice calls?

  accord 22:43 08 Jul 2004

go to click here I have used it for over a year and cost £23.50 per annum. It works on dial up and broadband and you dont have to have your pc on to receive a fax. You get an 0870 number to use as your incoming fax number. When someones wants to fax you, give them this number, you will then receive an email with the fax attached as a tiff file. I use fax console in XP for out going faxes via dial up.

A few other forum members are using this service aswell and i havent heard or experienced any problems.

Thoroughly recommend it.

BTW: I have no personal interest / affiliation in trinite.co.uk.

Hope this helps

  keenan 00:41 09 Jul 2004

Also, Tiscali offer a free service

click here

  accord 07:49 09 Jul 2004

the trouble with tiscali is that you need an email account with them.

click here

  preb 09:34 09 Jul 2004

thanks for all the help, guys. I'll move in the direction you suggest.

  Stuartli 09:36 09 Jul 2004

Are you using broadband?

If so you can't fax.

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