XP Error report contents

  Spark6 09:54 09 Aug 2004



The above error report came up last night, following a blue error screen, as I was about to shut down computer.

Any info on the message gratefully received, for instance, is the 'Temp' and 'tmp', an abbreviation of temporary or temperature?

XP Pro, Via Tech. board VT8367-8235, 1.2Ghz AMD Athlon, 640Mb ram.

  johnsims 11:54 09 Aug 2004

Temporary. the Temp folder is where Windows stores stuff temporarily while performing all sorts of operations from program install to day to day prog opening and file manipulation. tmp is another Windows abbreviation for temporary, and you may find another piece of software creating and using a tmp directory/folder for it's own purposes.

Sounds like a failure to close a process or file in the shutdown process - this sometimes happens, it is a "feature" of the Windows OS that has been with us since Windows 3

For info on minidump files click here

  Spark6 12:12 09 Aug 2004

Thanks, johnsims, I shall read and, hopefully, digest. Looks rather technical though.

  Spark6 15:42 06 Sep 2004

I believe that this error report was related to my IRQL fault, hopefully corrected by changing RAM.

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