XP emulation under Windows 7

  ptready 15:48 04 Jan 2014

Hello, I have read the "Run old software" item in Quick PC fixes (March 2014 issue). I have a question about this, involving support of an old scanner. I have a Canon FS2710 for which I currently have two options : 1. Run on my old Win XP machine via Photoshop (the only reason for keeping it!). 2. Run on my Windows 7 64 bit machine, with Adaptec 29160N adapter using Vuescan, as there seems to be no Canon driver for the FS2710 under Win 7 or 8. This option is inferior to 1. in quality of scanned images.

I tried to use Virtual PC/XP emulation several years ago but that wrecked Windows which had to be reloaded.

Using the procedure in the "Run old software" item for Photoshop CS5 I can only see Vista options not XP.

I haven't tried to select Vista, and am wondering whether there would still be a driver problem.

The FS2710 gives excellent quality, and would be very expensive to replace.

So, two questions please :- 1. Is there a driver somewhere for Win 7/64 which you can point me at? (Rumours of one on an Australian website). 2. If not, could I get the scanner to work via Vista emulation?

Any help would be much appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:16 04 Jan 2014

You can run a virtual XP mode if using Windows 7 pro , ultimate, enteterprise versions.

  ptready 13:58 06 Jan 2014

I tried that several years ago but it demolished my Windows 7 (Pro)!

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