XP dead slow starting up?...

  theDarkness 11:10 08 Jun 2008

I enter my details on the login screen in xp, hit enter.. and then have to wait an hour and a half before i see the desktop screen. I have tried starting up with the minimum of progs using msconfig, but it makes no difference, so the problem doesnt seem to be with anything i have installed. anyone have any ideas on how i can solve this? After i get to see the desktop screen, xp works absolutely fine!

  johndrew 11:21 08 Jun 2008

Have you run a full check with several good anti-spyware programs and a fully updated anti-virus?

  Halmer 11:29 08 Jun 2008

in safe mode?

  theDarkness 12:20 08 Jun 2008

I should mention its also slow in restarting/shutting down! :D Its not connected to the net, and i dont send or install new files to it. When it was being used it was up to date with its antivirus. In safe mode it starts up ok, no where near as long. With belarc advisor analysis prog i think it gives 2 windows hotfixes from sp3 as having errors, failing verification.. perhaps this could be the problem if its not a program installation issue? The slowdown has been there for ages, i just never got around to solving it. I dont have sp3 on disc or internet access on a pc to test out correcting any updates.. :( still only on here via mobile! lol

  birdface 12:24 08 Jun 2008

Try.Right click my computer.Properties .hardware.device manager.First of all make sure there are no yellow exclamation marks beside any of your devices.Next click the plus button on Ide Atapi controllers.Double click on primary Ide channel.Advanced settings .Make sure it is set to DMA mode and not PIO.it should say Ultra DMA Mode 5.Then do the same with secondary IDE channel

  birdface 12:36 08 Jun 2008

What Anti-virus and Firewall programs do you have.It may be an Mtu problem.click here you ran C Cleaner or done a defrag.is it a recent fault if so maybe a system restore to a time before you had the problem.After you have tried everything.You could download and try this.click here trial version will repair 10 items at a time but you can run it as often as you like.It may warn you that some programs should not be deleted accept this and press don't show again.[something like that]And they will not appear in future scans.it also does an automatic update has a registry defrag.Plus others.Now you computer should run quicker after using it.It is the omptimizer that you want.

  theDarkness 12:38 08 Jun 2008

Primary comes up as multiword dma mode 2, for both device 0 and device 1. secondary comes up as multiword dma mode 2 for device 0, device 1 has 'dma if available' set, with its transfer mode showing as 'not applicable'

  theDarkness 12:45 08 Jun 2008

Norton is installed on the machine, it was up to date at the time the fault started. its not a recent fault (almost a yr now)! I just didnt bother sorting it. Ahem. :O

  theDarkness 12:47 08 Jun 2008

I tell a lie, wrong machine, it actually has zonealarm running!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:06 08 Jun 2008

If loads ok in safe mode then its a driver problem.

first try with nothing plugged in to the expansion ports - no printer external drives etc.

uninstall ALL drivers and reboot let xp find and install new drivers.
make sure you have all the drivers for your equipment.

  birdface 13:45 08 Jun 2008

sp3.if not connected to the Internet will probably be Office SP3 there was a way of fixing that without the disc if I can find it I will post it on here for you.

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