XP Control Panel

  TN 22:46 28 Sep 2007

I am running Windows XP Home and had a problem with it which needed re installing Windows (Repair). When this was completed I found that I had the older version of Control Panel and not the newer one which I preferred. Is there any way of getting the newer version back again. At least with it I had a choice of which version I wanted.

  VoG II 22:50 28 Sep 2007

Right click the toolbar > Properties. Start Menu > Customize > Advanced tab

  woodchip 22:55 28 Sep 2007

Right click inside Controle panel, It's in Classic mode

  FatboySlim71 22:56 28 Sep 2007

Chances are TN, you are back to service pack 1, you can download service pack 2 from the below link.

click here

  TN 22:59 29 Sep 2007

Sorry Fatbayslim71 but I do have SP 2 on my system. My main problem is when I open Control Panel (old version) all I can do is turn on and off system restore - I cannot find any way of using it to go back to an earlier date. To be 100% certain I have completely re-installed SP2 to ensure nothing is missing or corrupted with no better result. Surely someone has had this problem before as I cannot be the first!

  scolley 23:06 29 Sep 2007

TN as woodchip says its in classic mode when you open control panel click on left at top and it will change for you or shuld do, i cant even find my control panel at the mo, good luck

  rdave13 23:18 29 Sep 2007

Suggest you save all the programs and browser bookmarks/favourites to another type of disc and reformat and reinstall windows.
Repair sometimes only half works.
Once you have completed a reformat and reinstall XP then make sure you have an antivirus program running. Fierwall will be already established through windows it's self; although bare minnimum.
Once online go to windows update and update everything. You can reinstall your spyware prograns as Win. updates are installing.

  TN 09:35 01 Oct 2007

Hate answering my own questions but in case someone else has the Control Panel problem I have found a way to get back to XP : go into registry and change the following:
It will show a value of 1 as above and change this to 0.
NB Only do this after backing up Registry and only if you are experienced in working in Registry.

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