XP cannot access my 120 GB HDD

  JohnDG 08:47 01 Sep 2005

I rebuilt an old computer and formatted a 120 GB HDD with a single partition. BIOS recognises it and XP examines it giving the details of the drive (size etc), but when it starts to install XP onto the drive I get a message that it cannot access the drive, also if I try to re-format the drive I get basically the same mesage! HELP Please, can I salvage the drive or is it to be scrapped?


  dave_and_confused 09:03 01 Sep 2005

Slave it into another working Pc and see if you can access the disk. Try a scan disk on it or HDTune- click here

  Newuser4165 10:00 01 Sep 2005

I trust you have connected it as Master on the Primary IDE channel.

  wobblymike 10:18 01 Sep 2005

I'm a little unsure what you are saying -

"BIOS recognises it and XP examines it giving the details of the drive (size etc),"

If BIOS recognises it then it will tell you whether it sees it as primary or secondary master or slave. Assuming you have it set to primary master as stated by Newuser4165 above, then thats the first test passed. If not you need to set it to primary master.
Please confirm that this is so before we go any further.

  JohnDG 11:04 01 Sep 2005

HDD is set to Master on primary IDE channel, BIOS recognises it as such but XP instalation gets as far as examining the drive, loads files etc. gives all details but then I get the message 'cannot access drive' I will try again and take more detailed notes, I do not understand this as it obviously sees the drive in detail, but will not install XP. I will slave it to another comp and see if I can get some sense out of it. The comp I am trying to set up has no floppy drive or I would try fdisk, but the drive was NTFS and I am not sure if fdisk will recognise it. thanks for help


  JohnDG 12:49 01 Sep 2005

I put HDD as slave in old comp, BIOS sees it as 120GB, Device manager sees it as working, but 'my computer' does not show it!!!! In list of drives to be shown, the 'D' drive has a red marker on it. Drives shown are 'A Floppy, B nil, C, D(red), E, F'
'My computer' fails to show the 'D' drive. There seems to be no way of getting access to it, so I'll put it in my box of bits to be sorted later.


  Newuser4165 13:20 01 Sep 2005

Why don't you try and FDISK it while it's still in the 2nd pc as a slave or delete the NTFS partition using Partition Magic.Replace it in the origianal pc as Master and let XP repartition /reformat it during the installation.

  Terry Brown 14:32 01 Sep 2005

Just an Idea--Get the xp boot disk program from either microsoft or click here (You use the program to create 6 floopy disks for booting (follow instructions), when you get to the Blue screen (Terms)-F8 to continue. Press F8 then ESC to get to the advanced menu. Read the on screen instructions carefully.Delete the offending partition and then re-create it. If there is a partition problem this will cure it-- If it is a hard drive problem (Bad sectors etc) it should isolate these and inform you of the problem.

  woodchip 14:40 01 Sep 2005

Try Killdisk on the drive, fit it in computer as Master, Set BIOS to bot first asCD drive the Hard Drive as Second boot device. Start with XP CD in computer let it do the walking click here

  JohnDG 19:12 01 Sep 2005

Thanks for ideas will try them tomorrow Just spent all afternoon rebuilding another comp and now need a rest.(this one worked OK)I'm getting too old for this hobby (70)

Will d'load xp boot disk prog and the killdisk prog tonight and then have a beer or four!

John DG

  PC Bilbo 21:44 01 Sep 2005

Agree with woodchip.I experienced similar problem and used Killdisk to erase everything and start clean.It worked for me.

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