XP built in firewall (or not)

  User-645BA0C0-3AD6-49C9-99798FE12AD8252D 12:08 20 May 2003

this is an extract from the lockergnome windows daily newsletter click here i thought i might share for the benfit it may bring the community,

Does the Windows firewall protect you from all incoming traffic? Not if it's IPv6! While it's not much of a threat today, I can easily see it turning into one tomorrow. Their solution: "To work around this behavior, obtain firewall software that can filter and block IPv6 traffic." How come nobody warned me about this? Why isn't the tech press all over this serious oversight?! And, most importantly, when (if ever) will a patch be issued to bring the software up-to-date? Seriously, you might wanna tell your friends about this "little" technicality. Ten to one says Microsoft will never share this bit of news with the world. Of course, until the first exploit is unleashed. By then, it'll be two seconds too late.

  Paranoid Android 13:24 20 May 2003


  jeez 14:06 20 May 2003

I see microsoft has got another one right! LOL

  Andsome 15:27 20 May 2003

I prefer Norton 2003 Firewall, but whatever you do if you decide to use an alternative to the built in one, disable it first

  Squall 16:02 20 May 2003

from Microsoft is not that great, but it is ok and its free so what do you expect.

As for it not filtering IPv6 traffic, like you say its not really an issue at the minute. When it does become one, there will be a patch for it, (hopefully before any exploits) but at least the patch will be free and easy to install.

Don't you think microsoft get a load more stick than the actually deserve?

squall ,
i have to agree that microsoft do get more stick than they deserve, at the end of the day if they hadnt grabbed the ball and ran with it when IBM did not exclusively lincense DOS we would not have the PC with the open architecture we all know and love. we would just have expensive proprietry systems (like the MAC)

its just nice to know where the holes are so we can patch them up.

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