XP boot up problem

  Flopper 14:01 12 Sep 2005

Had XP Pro for some time on high spec PC but now when booting up it recognises all the drives on the initial screen and goes to the 'starting XP' screen after a longer delay than is normal during which time I get a black screen followed by a clicking noise (once) and an 'hour glass' icon BUT on the 'starting XP' it freezes completely and I have no option but to switch off. Once when holding down the shift key it booted up completely but not since. On the initial boot up screen I get a line which says something like 'IDE Channel 1 No 80 Conductor Cable Installed'. I replaced one of the ribbon cables within the last few months and it has worked fine since. Also one of the ribbon cables attached to a DVD drive was very slightly loose but I still have the same issue.
One thing I have not done yet is disconnect any drives or cables as a process of elimination.
Apart from this any suggestions?
Any suggestions.

  keith-236785 14:12 12 Sep 2005

you have already suggested yourselfwhat to try next, disconnect ALL drives except the primary hard drive (the one with windows on). try to boot up, if it works ok, try replacing the drives one by one until you either find the faulty drive/cable or until they are all back in and working ok....if that happens then its obviously something else.

look at device manager (if you ever manage to get windows to boot up) and see if you have any yellow!!!! at the side of anything such as Primary IDE controller etc...

in my case similar to yours, it was a faulty cdrom stopping the boot up. but if the warning is still flashing about 80 pin cable then i suspect it might just be a bad IDE cable, if so invest in some round ones, they help airflow within your case less likely to get damaged by touching the fans or getting twisted etc...

if none of that is any good, come back and some more (perhaps better) advice may be available.

best of luck

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