XP BOOT missing .dll

  Pete_W 16:56 28 Jul 2004

Anyone know how I go about reinstalling this dll thats missing from my XP Home boot... windows root>\system32\hal.dll
It's a dual boot with XP & ME. ME boots up OK, XP can't find the above file.

  Chegs ® 16:59 28 Jul 2004

Use your ME install to extract hal.dll from XP cd,and copy it to XP partition.

  gold 47 17:11 28 Jul 2004

You can also download it from here.click here

  Pete_W 17:16 28 Jul 2004

Thanks for the quick responces... how do I put it on the XP partition as it's invisible to ME?

  Chegs ® 17:20 28 Jul 2004

Then you need to boot from the XP cd,and select Recovery Console,then copy hal.dll to C:\Windows\System32
I take it you have XP in NTFS then.

  Pete_W 17:43 28 Jul 2004

Thanks Chegs... I'll do that now... this is one of the disadvantages of not starting computing with DOS!

  Pete_W 18:20 28 Jul 2004

Hmmmm... what do I type in exactly?
I tried "copy C:\windows\system32\hal.dll" it said it copied OK but didn't make a difference.
Then I did "copy C:\windows\system32" , but it wouldn't copy a directory???

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:51 28 Jul 2004

missing hal.dll is more of a problem than just replacing the file have a read of this click here

  Pete_W 20:15 28 Jul 2004

Oooooh! not as simple a fix as I hoped for... I will print this page off & try it... I may be some time!

  temp003 03:59 29 Jul 2004

Be careful with what you do here because you have a dual boot.

Presumably you have ME and XP on different partitions. What drive letters are they installed to?

Did you create the dual boot by simply installing XP to a new partition on a computer with ME already there? Or did you use any third party software?

In ME, can you click Start, Run, type c:\boot.ini and press Enter. This opens up the boot.ini file in Notepad. Copy and paste the text here.

Sometimes the missing hal.dll error message is caused by a corrupted boot.ini file, and rebuilding it may correct the problem.

The bootcfg /rebuild command suggested in kellys-korner in the link (Option 1) will rewrite the boot.ini file. I may be wrong here, but I think the bootcfg command will only detect XP (or NT)installations, and not 9x installations. If so, after rewriting the boot.ini file, you won't get the ME option.

If it manages to repair XP, that's fine, you can edit the boot.ini file again later to restore the ME option. But if it doesn't correct XP, then you won't be able to boot into either OS.

Option 2 is the method for extracting the hal.dll file from the CD to the XP installation. This will only work if the hal.dll for XP is in fact corrupted or missing (more often than not, it's not corrupted, but the boot process just can't locate it).

The command in Recovery Console should be:

expand x:\i386\hal.dl_ y:\windows\system32\hal.dll

where x is the drive letter for your CDROM drive, and y is the drive letter for the partition where XP is installed.

Try Option 2 first. After doing the above command, type exit and press Enter. Remove CD and let computer restart. Choose XP from the boot menu and see if it boots into XP. Likely it will not.

If not, then you can try Option 1, or instead, do a full repair installation of XP. To do that, boot up with XP CD. On XP Setup Welcome screen, press Enter to go into Setup. F8 to accept agreement. Then it should detect the XP installation at Y:\WINDOWS where Y is the drive letter for the XP partition.

Here press R to repair the existing installation. (Do not choose to install a fresh copy of XP). Files will be copied. Computer will need to restart. Leave CD in, but this time, do not boot from CD, but boot from hard disk. Follow through the installation. This will keep your dual boot.

  Pete_W 07:31 29 Jul 2004

Thanks temp, the 2 options on Kelly's Korner didn't work... option 1 would'nt give me access & option 2 couldn't find the file.
I will try your repair option prior to resorting to a clean reinstall if all else fails!

The history of the problem lies in XP getting more & more unstable which I've put down to windows updates becoming incompatable over 3 years with my Jetway 663A pro mainboard + AMD Athlon 800Mhz?

This boot failure was as a result of restoring a drive image (PQ) after a serious crash. I can go back to the original image taken after first activation... but as I up date it gets progressivly more unstable with no particular update looking guilty.

As I'm using ME more as a result of this (retrogressive action) unstability, I think I will have to update the hardware to suit XPs requirments?

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