XP Boot Failure

  Flea2RHCP 21:26 12 Aug 2004

PROBLEM: Windows XP Pro will boot perfectly fine in Safe Mode, but will not boot past the XP logo in normal mode. No problems with my system within the past 6months or so, then suddenly this started to happen (I'm hoping it's not a hardware failure!). Sometimes BlueScreenOfDeath mentions nv4disp.dll. Tried updating drivers, no joy.

SYSTEM: P4 2.4ghz, MSI motherboard, MSI Geforce4 Ti4200 Graphics card (128MB), 512MB DDR-RAM, etc.



  stalion 21:33 12 Aug 2004

think this is to do with your graphics card have you tried updating the driver

  jonnytub 21:50 12 Aug 2004

download the latest 61.77 drivers click here for your nvidia graphics card and install them.

  jonnytub 21:51 12 Aug 2004

i have a feeling you recently done a windows update ??? are my mystic sensors wrong?? should i stop talking silly??

don't answer that......

  stalion 21:55 12 Aug 2004

taken this from a thread elswhere
"That damn NV4DISP.DLL infinite loop error, though it very very rarely happens anymore I used to get that a lot"
it is to do with your nvidia

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:58 12 Aug 2004

nv4dis.dll is part of drivers for nvidia grahics card.

boot in safe mode uninstall driver for display adapter. reboot and re install or update drivers (without drivers diplay will be limited to 16 colours)

  jonnytub 22:02 12 Aug 2004

incase you have recently used the windows update site, the cause would be that microsoft have just got round to certifying the "older" nvidia driver, silly me downloaded this and low and behold (although not the same as yours) i had problems, the newest driver is version 61.77 which is probably what you had (should this be the problem) and should you require i can send it by email. (follow Fruit Bat /\0/\'s advice for installation)

  THE TERMINATOR 23:01 12 Aug 2004

Have you tried a system restore, I am sure you can do this in safe mode....TT

  Flea2RHCP 12:42 14 Aug 2004

Cheers for the advice, you lot. I've got it narrowed down to (surprise surprise) the good old graphics card drivers. Turns out my stupid housemate went and fiddled behind my back. Bloody women! Anyway, the saga continues.....

Once I looked into which display driver she had changed it to ("but i don't even know what a driver is, so I can't have done it!" grrr... women - I know it wasn't me!), I have tried every bloody trick in the book to revert back to my old drivers that did work. I'm currently on the 56.72 Microsoft Certified drivers, and downloading 61.77 as I speak. I really really really hope that they do the job.

Thanks especially to Fruitbat /\0/\ and Jonnytub (though your mystic sensors ARE wrong about the windows update!). I'll no doubt get back to you in an hour or so after the new drivers not helping one bit and my monitor hanging from my bleeding fist, but such is life.....!

  Flea2RHCP 14:06 14 Aug 2004

Okay, well at least I managed to refrain from smashing the monitor!

NVidia drivers 61.77 now installed. Exactly the same problem as before! Let me expand the symptoms so you know exactly what's going on...

Boot up: system diagnostics fine, 'beep!', Windows XP Pro loading screen, screen goes blank, monitor turns to standby (with accompanying static sigh). Booting into safe mode is still fine, and it boots into windows when I remove the drivers, but I gotta find a cure.

This is really starting to p*** me off! I know it's a problem with the drivers, but why it's just all of a sudden developed (I still blame the meddling wench) and can't be fixed by ANY of the drivers I've got in my collection (one of which must surely be the one that worked previously) is beyond me.

Typical, isn't it - when you get a couple of weeks between two jobs and all you want to do is PC stuff (think about it; music, DVD player, games, etc.) then the darn thing gets in a huff. I guess I'll try sweet-talking her until any of you guys can come up with a solution. Maybe some flowers.....

  jonnytub 14:45 14 Aug 2004

Have you tried a sytem resore??? When you installed the 61.77 driver did you uninstall the 56.72 driver first, reboot and then install new one?? is agp enabled in the bios? is it set to 8xagp (wouldn't really cause a prob that one), you MUST uninstall old drivers first for the new one to take effect properly on all nvidia cards.

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