XP boot cd scratched but XP half installed...

  User-44ABB03F-5A01-4521-8D3E7A783936DB72 10:13 22 Aug 2006

I recently had to re-install XP on my PC but the CD had a corrupt file i think and it only loaded part way. Since i couldnt uninstall it, i resorted to swapping my HDDs and reloading using a 'new' disc, which has installed fine. How do i now remove the unwanted files clogging up my secondary drive? They are windows files that are protected and wont delete.

  FelixTCat 10:18 22 Aug 2006


If you boot from the disk that did complete the install, use that to format the partially installed disk.



Will i not have to change jumpers to boot to secondary HDD? How would I remove said corrupted install?

  FelixTCat 10:32 22 Aug 2006


No. You have a good installation on one disk. Boot from that disk (exactly as normal). Then format the other disk (i resorted to swapping my HDDs and reloading using a 'new' disc) which is now your secondary disk, isn't it?



I tried formatting the secondary disk (corrupt install)as you suggested but i get a banner telling me that this is not possible due to it being used by another program (words to that effect) after the warning.

  terryf 11:38 22 Aug 2006

Try boot in safe mode and log on as Administrator, Go to run>cmd and use cd command to go to 2nd drive. type cd/? to find out how to get to 2nd drive. You may then try cd to Windows folder on 2nd drive and del *.* You may have to use attrib/? to change attributes of files in 2nd drive windows folders. re-ost if you need more help

  terryf 11:39 22 Aug 2006

re-ost should be re-post:-)

  FelixTCat 11:41 22 Aug 2006


Do you have a 3.5" floppy drive in your pc? Do you have a blank disk?

If so, go to this site click here and download the DOS 6.22 image.

Put a blank floppy in the drive and run the exe file.

Now, note which drive letter has this partial XP installation on it. Leave the floppy in the drive and restart the pc - it should boot from the floppy and come up with an a:/ prompt.

Type format x:/ where x is the drive letter of the faulty installation.

When the format is finished it will ask you if you want to transfer system files - say No.

Remove the floppy and reboot.

You can now reformat that drive as NTFS if that is what you use. or simply go ahead and use it.



  terryf 11:45 22 Aug 2006

You could also use this from the comd window after having cd to the d: drive
deltree d:\windows

The Deltree command will delete all files in the directory regardless of attributes. Don't think somethings not right if this function appears to take a very long time, 5 to 15 minutes is not unusual.

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