xp back to win 98 s

  didnohonest 23:22 08 Jul 2007

Hi I was on xp but had to try a reinstal
As it was a disc supplied to use the info stored on the drive its self and not a operating disc i could not do that
So i had to format and load win 98 s
The problem is its not with USB support
I need to download the drivers etc

Also the screen seems to be in safe mode,its not,but the display seem as if
Any help please

  skidzy 23:27 08 Jul 2007

Im sorry didnohonest i cannot make sense of your post ?

Could you please clarify,do you need usb drivers for 98se ?

If so,your going to need the service pack 1 click here

If Woodchip is about,im sure he can help more.

  phono 23:45 08 Jul 2007

"As it was a disc supplied to use the info stored on the drive its self and not a operating disc i could not do that"

Is your XP CD an upgrade version, as opposed to a retail or OEM CD, or was there a "hidden" recovery partition on the hard drive?

Some information as to the make and model of the PC would also be very helpful.

  skidzy 23:53 08 Jul 2007

If im reading this correctly...probably not,its late.

There is no xp anymore due to the format,unless trying to dual boot of course.

  phono 00:04 09 Jul 2007

"There is no xp anymore due to the format,unless trying to dual boot of course."

If didnohonest's PC did have a "hidden recovery partition" then a format may possibly have overwritten it and hence, there is no option for recovery of XP.

There are a number of scenarios which could give rise to this particular situation.

Like you I am still a bit in the dark as to the exact problem so I was just trying to narrow the options down and so requested some further information.

  skidzy 00:23 09 Jul 2007

Hopefully didnohonest will come back to us tomorrow with some clear details of exactly what has been done.

I must admit,im assuming the drive is formatted and 98se installed now.

Now its really late and time for those zzzzzzzz :-)

  didnohonest 22:37 09 Jul 2007

hi Sorry for the delay to all who answered

I didnt make it clear i think
I had xp which was hidden and only had the recovery disc
I tried to recover but even that would not work so i formated and loaded win 98 se
But when itried to connect my usb modem,talktalk, the computer does not see it
It did with xp

I cant use lan earthernet either as noe 98se wont see that
I just want to get the drivers so as to beable to conect the modem again

  woodchip 22:41 09 Jul 2007

Well I am hear but cannot make any sense of the first post

  woodchip 22:45 09 Jul 2007

Sounds like you need to put XP back on as 98se does have limited USB support. The Hidden partition will still be there you will not have formatted that. Best way is try restarting with the Recovery CD in the comp

  Strawballs 22:46 09 Jul 2007

Use the machine that you are posting with and download and run this click here see what motherboard you have then go to the manufactures web site and see if you can find the motherboard drivers for win 98 for it if not post back with mobo and someone else might be able to find them for you. As for the safe mode you need drivers for your graphics what card do you have? or if it is onboard that will be sorted when you get MoBo drivers as will usb.

  Strawballs 22:47 09 Jul 2007

Sorry download and burn to disc and run on machine with problems.

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