xp antivirus, removal and more.......

  Epirb406 09:51 17 Aug 2008

Hi Folks,

Through my my own stupidity I installed xp antivirus, I am old and wise enough not to but managed to make that mistake!

I installed and ran superantispyware which seemed the best fix. I then restarted but after the windows splash screen I get a large red box telling me that I am infected with win32/adware.virtumonde and win32/privacyremover.m64 and that I should activate my antivirus program to deal with the problem. This red box looks official but I don't recognise the design and I suspect it maybe another spoof.

I cannot close this box or get beyond it in any way. I have tried cntrl alt delete but even closing each process in turn doesn't get me past it.

I then started in safe mode but the screen is entirely black. So, again using cntrl alt delete and using file, new task, run I reran superantispyware but it found nothing else, The problem remained.

I then ran Vundofix and Vurtumundobegone according to all advice and instructions but they found nothing.

I am now running an AVG 8 commandline scan but it is (of course) taking an age so I thought I'd look here for any further inspiration.

Thanks for reading, hope there are some answers here, all the best, Epirb.

  rdave13 10:00 17 Aug 2008

Download and update malwarebyte; click here .Then I'd join a speciallist anti malware forum for more help. Such as bleeping computers; click here or this; click here

  sinbads 10:05 17 Aug 2008

Try this remover click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:58 17 Aug 2008
  Epirb406 15:17 17 Aug 2008

thanks for replies,

wondering if I missed something here. What is actually happening now is that afterboot up and the splash screen I am ending at a red and white notice on a blue screen. It states that 'Spyware detected on your computer! Install an antivirus or Spyware remover to clean your computer' It then goes on to tell me that I am infected with Win32/Adware.virtumonde and win32/privacy remover.m64.

The computer is functioning behind this screen though I can only access it through cntrl alt dlt.

These are not the symptons of the antivirus virus...so what are they?

Cheers, Epirb.

  rdave13 15:35 17 Aug 2008

It's the result of downloading spoof security program. Run the malwarebytes program and get the machine cleaned by an expert malware removal forum, otherwise it will get worse.

  txangeleyes36 19:28 17 Aug 2008

I was wandering if this program worked for you Epirb406? I am having the same problem on my computer and have tried several things and nothing has worked.

  Epirb406 19:34 17 Aug 2008

Well , there we are, I have been calling myself a few names today. As a warning here is the story:

I have about four or five email accounts set up on Outlook express, the current two I look at every day, the old ones I check every so often to see if there are any interesting contacts from the past.

Yesterday, lo and behold, a contact from someone I haven't seen in years. I give him new details and hope to hear from him. Yesterday I checked back on the same old account and there was notification of a greetings card. Assuming it was him I opened the message. I didn't check for certain it was him and then, I still can't beleive I did it, double clicked on the exe file attached to the message.

The rest they say is history, my fault, I have warned enough people about this sort of thing but, innocent contact from years ago and an unrealated virus email, I put two and two together and came up with 5000.

I gave up on the minefield of fixes and went for a disk restore with acronis. I had a disk image of C: from a couple of years ago and all my documents and email were out of the way on D: I have salvaged most of the situation and am just updating windows and email accounts.

I have been a twit, please hold me up as an example to the innocent.

Thanks for offers of help!

Brgds, Epirb.

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