XP addressbook and wab file ?

  WallyD 15:58 08 Nov 2006

I,ve just been upgraded from ME to XP and I slowly getting to grips with XP BUT I saved my address book to my external drive before the change over and now I dont know how to import back into XP. I've got vcf extension and can view names but could you please give me some advice as Its a long address book and I don't fancy typing the lot back in.
many thanks.
PS if all afils can you tell me how to print out my saved book without one address on each page.

  GroupFC 17:08 08 Nov 2006

I think you may be snookered - I didn't think that you can save a whole address book as a .vcf file (at least I have just had a go and it would only let me export one record at a time!).

How exactly did you save it? In theory it should be possible just to reverse the process to get it back!

You could try this open the address book and go File>import>business card and point the wizard to the saved file(s) on the external drive.

  WallyD 17:39 08 Nov 2006

Thanks for showing interest
Can I start again
I have on my external drive a file which now comes up as addressbok.wab and its spot on what I want BUT I would like it on my outlook page and I could import this file when in ME but I haven't a clue with XP as when you go to address book theres no import. Thank you again

  Legolas 17:49 08 Nov 2006

WallyD I might be misunderstanding but to import a saved address book you go into outlook express and click on "Addresses" and go to file and import.

  Legolas 17:59 08 Nov 2006

WallyD I might be misunderstanding but to import a saved address book you go into outlook express and click on "Addresses" and go to file and import.

  WallyD 18:15 08 Nov 2006

Yep ! Thats what I used to do
Now I click on address book in outlook and theres no IMPORT. InXP its the small book icon I,m clicking

  Legolas 18:31 08 Nov 2006

WallyD I am perplexed, when I click on the address book in Outlook in XP then click file it gives me the option to Import. Is this option greyed out or completely missing?

  Legolas 18:41 08 Nov 2006

Just a thought if you click the file tap in outlooks main page not in address book does this not also give you the choice to import?

  GroupFC 18:56 08 Nov 2006

Just to add my extra two pennies worth - When you say "Outlook" we are talking about Outlook Express here and not Outlook (which comes with Microsoft Office)?

Another line of attack - assuming we are talking about OE, and the address book - try opening the address book thro' Start>all programs>accessories >address book and then file>import etc.

Alternatively, try Start>run and then type in wab.exe and ok anf that should then open the address book.

  GroupFC 19:01 08 Nov 2006

If we are talking about Outlook (Microsoft Office) there is something else to try but I might need to experiment first, so I'll wait until we have had clarfication!

You say that you have a file "addressbok.wab", when you double click on that presumably it opens OK and you can see all your contacts etc.?

  WallyD 20:04 08 Nov 2006

I'm going from Start to Micro office outlook
Inbox and reading my emails
I'm going to the top icon and opening what I think is the address book . Have i boobed
Sorry for this trouble

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