XP activation

  sneakerman 10:33 12 Aug 2005

If I install XP Pro corporate on the 25th out of 25 machines and this machine then needs to have a re-install, can I activate a 26th time?

Canit be done over the internet or is this what M$ has disabled?

  mattyc_92 10:37 12 Aug 2005

Do you mean you have formatted 25 times and installed WinXP?

You can format your system as much as you wish and you can still activate Windows. You should be able to activate it over the internet as usual, but Microsoft will stop you from doing this if you keep formatting it, so that you will phone them and they will ask you why you keep formatting. If the reason is genuine, then they will give you a code to type in and allow you to activate Windows over the net again. (They do this for security as someone may be installing Windows onto identical computers and teh activation tool wont know this if they have the same hardware.)

  sneakerman 10:48 12 Aug 2005

No, my company has 25 PC's and has bought a volume license for 25 machines, they have all been built and activated (but the 25 licenses have now been used)
I have rebuilt one PC and when I try to avtivate it I get a message telling me 'this copy of windows has been activated too many times' but all I want to do is have 25 instances of windows - is this not OK?

  spuds 10:55 12 Aug 2005

I think that you will find that the XP software is telling you that you have used up the 25 computer allowances. Rebuilds can class as another computer, or at least that is what the software will think. Contact Microsoft, explain the situation and they will supply a new activation code.

  sneakerman 12:56 12 Aug 2005

I take it that this is the difference between a 'volume licence' and a corporate copy? (A corporate is effectively an unlimited number of licences.


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