XP 64 bit windows info needed

  Newuser2 16:50 19 Jul 2004

Has anyone installed the 64 bit update/version for windows, and more importantly does it work OK.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:03 19 Jul 2004

Unless you have a networker server running 40 computers you are unlikely to notice any difference. AFAIK 64 is not an upgrade using software.


  Newuser2 19:18 19 Jul 2004

The reason I asked was that I've built a new PC using an AMD 64 bit cpu and I've read somewhere that there is a windows update or ? that enables windows to run faster.

  pmjd 19:28 19 Jul 2004

There are currently beta versions of the 64 bit Windows XP. It is unlikely to be complete until Intel starts selling it's version of the 64 bit desktop processor later in the year. A bit of a chicken egg thing plus driver support needs to be completed.

Currently only linux supports the 64 bit extensions in the AMD-64. Contrary to what Gandalf stated, users have found a speed improvement of up to 20% on there systems compared to a 32-bit version of the same operating system. Currently Mandrake 10 & Suse 9.0-9.1 are available in 64-bit version but you do have to pay for the Suse version.

  Newuser2 19:45 19 Jul 2004

Thanks guys.
I'll wait then until the update is completed.

  powerless 20:14 19 Jul 2004

...and it seems it will only be avialble through OEMS and not retail.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:03 19 Jul 2004

In spite of pmjd's incisive comments I think I would rather listen to Intel...I think they will know a little bit more....'"Sixty-four bits is of great use in the back office, for servers and databases," says Intel spokesperson George Alfs. "The big iron has good use for 64-bits," he adds, but says the company isn't convinced the technology yet has a place on the desktop.' Those people reporting 20% improvements ought to work for Intel;-)))



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