xp 64

  brettly01 18:47 23 Dec 2005

anyone gone over to win xp 64.?
whats your view.?
did you have any problems i.e.- drivers etc.
any advice you can give.
i have a AMD Sempron 3000 64, 512mb DDR, GeForce FX 5200 AGP, 2X DUAL Layer DVD Rewriters, 2x 80gb Hard drives.
should i make the change.?


  ade.h 20:03 23 Dec 2005

1) No.

2) Not really worth it yet.

3) Still has potential for hassle.

4) No; wait until Vista at the very least.

Might be some 64-bit apps around by then...

  GaT7 20:05 23 Dec 2005

If you have a spare hard disk why not give it a whirl - click here to download a 120-day trial (file size is 550Mb)

Microsoft's top 5 reasons to get WinXP 64 click here

Read the FAQs click here

Exploring Windows XP Professional x64 Edition - click here

Independent reviews & articles: click here, click here, click here & click here. G

  Jimmy14 22:01 23 Dec 2005

Hi I recently bought a new laptop and dont know if its 64 bit. It is an acer aspire with a intel pentium m 740, 1.73ghz with Intel Centrino mobile technology, 80gb hd and 1gb of ram and it is Windows Xp Home edition. I dont know how to tell if it is or not so can someone help me


  Skills 22:11 23 Dec 2005

The pentium M 740 is not a 64bit chip Jimmy14

  Jimmy14 22:14 23 Dec 2005

what does this mean then, am I in trouble. If new versions of microsofts operating systems come out will my laptop not support them?

  Skills 22:37 23 Dec 2005

No your not in trouble your laptop is fine and theres many of us still using 32bit chips I myself have the same processor as you in my laptop.

Your laptop wont be able to run any 64bit operating systems but XP will still be around for a long time yet and there will be 32bit versions of vista when its released.

  Jimmy14 22:42 23 Dec 2005

thanks , I thought I had made the wrong buy in a laptop there because I only just got it about three weeks ago.

What is the difference between the 64 bit and 32 bit computers anyway.

  VoG II 22:43 23 Dec 2005


  Jimmy14 22:44 23 Dec 2005

what is 2

  ade.h 22:51 23 Dec 2005

A factor of 2!

In bits, but not necessarily in performance....

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