XP 3000+ Running too hot!

  Aspman 13:15 23 Jun 2003

Just carried out a long overdue upgrade on my home machine. I've fitted an AMD XP 3000+ (Barton) chip into a Asus board in a Cheiftec case (Didn't realise just how huge those cases are).

It was a retail pack so came with the AMD cooler which was a small looking heatsink with a heavy copper base and a ickle looking fan.

My mate recently bought a 2500+ and I thought his cooler looked small but for the 3000+ I REALLY thought it looked small.

The machine runs in the high fifties deg C under quite light loads which I think is too high. I don't want to push it hard at the moment although the mobo has thermal protection.

I'm getting some case fans to get the flow going better there but will I need a bigger heat sink /fan for the CPU. The only coolers I've seen rated for the 3000+ are real monsters at over £30. I'm not into overclocking and I don't want to go down the liquid cooling road.
Does anyone have coolers for this rating of machine they can recommend?

  Djohn 17:50 23 Jun 2003

If you check with the AMD web-site you will find they do not recommend a "Normal" temp. for their CPU's, but say, "We expect our XP range of CPU's to operate in the area of 60-65c, with a Max. temp. of 95c.

My XP1800 runs between 50-54c, this Is fine with me, (Only two fans), and very quiet. If your XP 3000 is running in the mid fifties in the weather we are having at the moment, then you have nothing to worry about. j.

  keith-236785 18:37 23 Jun 2003

ditto Djohn

my 1800+ runs about 55-59c just the cpu fan, i do have a 8cm fan on the rear of the case but i unplugged it because it was too noisy.

high fifties is no cause for worry, if it was high 70s then maybe.

i think you can save your money.

  Psiman 19:56 23 Jun 2003

I posted this link a couple of days ago, so apologies for the repetition, but this one is under £30 and good for up to XP3200+ click here

  Aspman 11:45 24 Jun 2003

Psiman, I saw that one and was about to order. But I found the Areo 7 (not 7+) on Scan for £22 inc vat.

Scan good? I've never tried them. Just about to do a search in here for comments.

I stuck in two old fans from work into the case last night and it now runs at about 50C but creeps up slowly.

There isn't much of a selection in high end AMD coolers.

The PSU in my cheiftec case seems to pump out a bit of heat too. Is this normal. Its a 360W psu. I've never had anything up to this rating so I don't know if its normal.

  Gaz 25 13:16 24 Jun 2003

If you have good cooling, rest in mind.

  Diver14 13:48 24 Jun 2003

Your CPU temp is not that high - especially for such a high powered chip. If you really want to get the temperature lower try this cooler ? it gets VERY good reviews and is very reasonably priced. Vantec VA4-C7040 AMD Aeroflow from click here

I bought one and it reduced my XP2200 from 55deg down to 35deg!!

The other point to remember is noise - some of the high performance coolers have Delta fans running at high rpm that make a terrible noise - (one of the reasons I swapped to the Vantec from a CoolerMaster).

  Psiman 19:30 25 Jun 2003

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

If you like the look of it, pay the extra £7 for the Aero 7+ rather than the Aero 7, it's worth it.

Scan are fine.

I can only agree with Djohn, paperman27, Gaz 25 & Diver14; temperature wise nothing to worry about. A high end AMD system with a hefty graphics card can heat a small room in Winter!

Yes 360W PSUs and above churn out a fare amount of heat, efficient though they are.

  mark e 21:39 25 Jun 2003

thermaltake 7 fan on my xp2600+ running under load @ 39C the fan has three speed settings


  Aspman 12:47 26 Jun 2003

Bought the aero 7 from Scan, I don't really care what it looks like as long as it works. Ordered a couple of better quality coolermaster fans to replace the old work ones and a couple of round IDE cables. Scan are really cheap for round cables I think PCWorld were asking about £10 each (but don't quote me on that).

I think next months pay will be for sound proofing material and a couple of roaps to tie my chair to the ground so I don't get sucked into the machine when I'm using it.

Cheers All.

  Aspman 14:26 26 Jun 2003

Just a not to say the stuff arrived from Scan and the coooler that cam was the Aero 7+. At £22 its £12 cheaper than Overclockers.co.uk.

Got an XDream cooler for my mate at just uner £8 too.

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