xp 3000+ clock frequencies

  synsyyty 11:22 28 Dec 2004

hi all have just swapped my xp2000 for a xp3000+
my system seems to have excepted it but it only runs at 1.75mhz

looking at the chip sites it should be 2.16 help

gigabyte 7vaxp ultra mobo xp3000+ (333) my board settings are for auto

  goonerbill © ® 12:52 28 Dec 2004

there are two 3000+ cpu's which run at different speed and have different fsb's

have a look at the top of the cpu for the cpu code. if its AXDA3000DKV4D, you have the 3000+ that is 333 fsb which runs at 2.17 ghz. if you have AXDA3000DKV4E, its the 400 fsb 3000+ which runs at 2.10 ghz.

  goonerbill © ® 13:21 28 Dec 2004

sent via email.

the mobo is telling me that the process is a 2000 still i think how do i get it to recognise the 3000 or do i have to mess with the dips instead at the mo its on auto 333 is 166 in the bios i think so would have to multi ply the 166 ? do i multiply upto the 2.16 which would be around 13? any suggestions ta syn

  goonerbill © ® 13:31 28 Dec 2004

you may need to reset the jumper ( dont remember much about you mobo ) if you have the 3000+ 400fsb the multiplyer is 10.5.

sorry, you say that the mobo is reading the CPU as a 2000+ ????

if thats the case, you need to change the FSB from 333(166)mhz to 400(200)mhz and all should be ok. does your mobo support a 400(200)mhzFSB

  goonerbill © ® 13:39 28 Dec 2004

heres link to your mobo on gigabytes website on compatable CPU's. if you do have the 3000+ with a 400FSB, your mobo dont support it.

click here

  goonerbill © ® 13:45 28 Dec 2004

what you are going to have to do is remove the CPU from you pc and see which makings match the ones i posted earlier.

  synsyyty 16:39 28 Dec 2004

hi all thanks for all your input i decided to take it off auto and do the dips for the 2.16

i did 13x on the dipos with the 166 fsb and it ticks away nicely at 2.17mhz when it boots up it says its a 3000+ so im happy cheers all have a great new year


  goonerbill © ® 20:14 28 Dec 2004

glad to be of some help. your mobo may need a bios update to read the CPU correctly in auto mode.

have a happy computer problem free new year

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